Friday, April 11, 2014

Wednesday Discoveries

Hello Lovely People!

This past Wednesday, I have a lovely discovery filled evening. I love discovering new things. You? There's just something nice about learning a new, interesting fact or discovering something really gorgeous.

Unless the new discovery is learning something like math.

Then it's not wonderful.

Anyways! My Dad and I headed down to Toronto for the evening. Toronto is a beautiful, big, very busy place, for those of you who have never been there. Really like any big city I guess. I don't think I would ever want to live somewhere quite that busy because I don't think I'd like that pace of life, but I love the diversity and would definitely want to live near a place like Toronto.

We took the public transit down as the car was preoccupied. We hopped on the bus, then the subway, then a streetcar and then walked to go grab some dinner. Dinner was an amazing Roti in a little shop called Albert's Real Jamaican Food. That was discovery number one. I don't know about you, but I love little, unique stores, whether they are cafes, restaurants, bookstores or clothing stores.
Yes, yes, I know, taking pictures of my food? How Instagram
of me. But I figure, it was an ethical, unique, amazing dinner
so I think taking a picture of it is okay in this case.

 After dinner, we went to go meet up with one of my Dad's friends who is a songwriter. I've been writing songs since I was about eight and as previously mentioned, it is my dream to be able to write and record my own music. This guy had done just that. He was really kind and encouraging and gave me lots of great advice. And it was so, so, so nice to meet someone who thinks like me! It was like, "Oh! I'm not totally crazy! People like me actually exist!" We ended up talking for about two hours in a Starbucks and I came away feeling really, really happy. I'm not the only one (I now have the Tigger song stuck in my head "But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one!") and there is hope for me! That was discovery number two.
I don't have a picture to go with this discovery so have a
picture of some pretty leaves on a branch.

 We left the coffee shop at around ten thirtyish I think? I can't remember. We got back on the subway and my Dad wanted to stop at some of the stops so I could take pictures of the mosaics on the walls. This was discovery number three for me. I had no idea that the walls of the subway had mosaics on them! And they were beautiful! There must have been hundreds or thousands of pieces in each.

This was one of the smaller ones in the little shop/transfer
area of the station.
Gorgeous! Honestly, that's just amazing. And the fact
that someone decided to put that on the wall
of a subway station? Incredible.

I love these types of posters. ^.^ We have one that is a bench
sign beside a bus stop and it says, "You just proved
that bench signs work."
The other thing I wanted to add was that I have decided to try and create my own blogging challenge. For the next 26 times I post, each of the topics is going to start with the next letter of the alphabet. For example, when I blog Monday, I'd have to blog about something starting with the letter 'A'. Then Wednesday would be 'B', Friday would be 'C' etc. etc. 

Why would I choose to do this, you ask?

Well, I have no idea to be honest. It just seemed like a cool idea. 

I'm going to try not wimp out or cheat and say something like "Terrific Fireplace Photos" for 'T'. Wish me luck! Let's see if I can do this (I need to hire a group of cheerleaders who will sit there and say, "I do believe in Sarah! I do! I do! I do believe in Sarah! I do! I do!). 

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  1. Those mosaics are beautiful!! And so is that roti. It looks delicious :)
    Good luck with your blogging challenge!

    1. It was amazing! I couldn't finish it all so I brought it back and ate it the next day for lunch.
      Thanks! :)

  2. That blogging challenge sounds really cool, can't wait to see how you go :) xx

  3. I love going to to Toronto too <3 There's so many cool places to find, it's like a different adventure every time I go. Good luck on the blog challenge!

    1. Toronto is an amazing city. I'm so happy I live near it. :)
      Thanks! :)