Friday, March 28, 2014

Would you like those chemicals in Chestnut or French Roast?

Huy Guuuuys,

I did a thing.

I dyed my hair.


For a while now I've wanted darker hair. My hair is naturally kind of... mousey? It's a brown but kind of a boring brown. So I decided I wanted to die my hair. I kinda balked at the idea of going to an actual salon and paying a bagazillion dollars just to get my hair died so that kind of put it off.

Then recently, I saw Grace Helbig's  videos where she dyed her hair and I thought, "Hey! Why don't I just  buy some hair dye from No Frills and do it myself? It's only like $12 and I can pick out the colour from a selection." So I did just that. I actually went and got the same colour that Grace got because it was pretty much the colour I wanted.

Today I brought it home and got all set up in the bathroom, brushed my hair, mixed the stuff and started to apply it.


I really hope I don't grow an extra hand or develop green skins or something creepy like that because there were SO many chemicals in that mix. My eyes were watering like crazy and I was hacking and coughing. My little brother and sister sat on the bathtub rim holding their noses, determined to watch.

I finished applying it, went through the process of waiting 25 minutes, showering to rinse it all out, conditioning, blow drying etc. etc.

And now, like an hour and a half later, it doesn't look that different. :/ I mean, it's redder than it was before and a bit darker but not reaaalllyy the colour I wanted.

So I think I'm going to go back to No Frills soon and pick up a darker colour, hopefully it will work better than before and it will be darker. Like I said earlier, it's only $12!

On a different note, I finally found the little "Followers" widget! I was really annoyed because, on almost every blog, they have the thingy that's like "Join This Site" or "Join Our Site" so something like that. And I couldn't find it! But I found it. :) And now it's all good.

Ooh! And I added a Bucket List to the sidebar cause I think stuff like that is pretty cool. And it also provides a bit more inspiration to actually do stuff about the stuff there (wow, could you get any more specific Sarah? stuff about the stuff? Brilliant, just brilliant) because it's up on my blog so I'm kind of accountable to it now. I'll add to it as I think of things.

So what's on your bucket list? Have any hair experiences? Good or bad?

Photo of the Day
A litttttle more extreme than my experience,
but still applicable. 


  1. At least your hair didn't actually turn purple ;) And I agree - hair dyes smell HORRIBLE. The smell gets into my throat and also makes my eyes water :( It's amazing you could last for 25 minutes O.o

    1. Yeah, purple certainly would have been... interesting ;)
      Ugh! It's horrible! Really! And then the packages are all like "ohh, our dye is good for your hair! It has this vitamin and this vitamin." and I'm like "Yeah, right. If I can't even put this stuff on my hair without my eyes turning into the Sahara Desert, this can't be good for my hair."

  2. I've always wanted to dye the tips of my hair blue, but I have black hair, so I don't think it will work. :(

    1. I totally think it could work if you dyed the tips in like a really neon blue! Like the girl in this picture. :)

  3. My hair was jet black before I dyed it but I only dyed the ends red because I didn't think i'd like it. It turned more brown than red but I love it anyway. It looks ombred now :)

    1. Ooh! That sounds really cool, I've always loved the idea of ombre. :)