Monday, March 17, 2014

Cakes, Friends and Hole-y Polos

Hello lovely people!

I hope that those of you that had a spring break had a wonderful one! And to those of you that didn’t, I hope you had a wonderful week. I know I had a great break even if I’m seeing triple and can barely keep my eyes open. Oh the joy of having friends over one night, then having to get up at 6 the next morning to go to a chiropractor.

My cousins came over and hung out for a few days. We attempted to bake a cake. In my defense, I am usually very good at baking and (almost) everything I bake is edible. Maybe it was the fact we didn’t know how to “sift” something, maybe it was that my cousins decided that beating the eggs for two minutes when the recipe said ten, was long enough or maybe it was the fact that we were all singing very loudly and off key to the music on the ipod dock. But whatever the reason, our cake came out like a chocolate brick. It was dry and dense and thick. So we tried to rescue it by putting cool whip in between the two layers. We didn’t wait for the cake to cool so the cool whip melted. Then we figured that we could do that fancy smancy thing they do in restaurants and sprinkle icing sugar over the cake but we accidentally dumped it and it went all over the cake. Eventually we just gave up and accepted that our cake was not meant to be and now we’re eating it with ice cream.

Then on Friday, my friend and I got together for a mini jam session and hangout, which was really nice because I hadn’t seen her in a very long time.

Do you ever find that you have different friends that have different relationships with you? Like one friend you can talk to about the big questions like “what’s the point of life?” and actually discuss it thoroughly? And then you have those friends that you can really let go and have fun with? They don’t care if you do well in school or if you believe this theory or that, you can just have a laugh with them. Nothing is ever serious. And then, if you’re really lucky, you have one or two friends who are like family to you? There are times when you talk and talk and talk and it’s wonderful but you also just enjoy doing nothing and saying nothing with them.

Ooh! Ooh! Question time! Does anyone know what the heck a polo is? Cause there’s a lyric in this song I heard and it’s “hole in the middle of my heart like a polo”. As far as I know, polos don’t have holes. I’m thinking like polo t-shirts and polo, the game but it just doesn’t make sense. I think One Direction sings it so maybe it’s a British thing? Someone please help! It’s driving me mental! Why would you have a polo with a hole in it!?

 Picture of the Day

Is it just me or would this not be like the coolest band ever?! :D I mean, Pippin can sing right? In the third movie he sings his awesome "all shall fade" song. And then the dude who plays Merry can sing. Oh what's his name. Dominic I think? 'Cause he sung in Lost. And I can see Frodo being the pianist and Sam could be the drummer! This could definitely work. Their first single would be "Precious". Heehee, oh I'm having too much fun with this. >:)


  1. I thought that they had polos everywhere! They are mints which are shaped like little mini donuts :) Haha

  2. Ohhh! Thank you so much! It now makes sense. :)
    I don't think we have them here... I know we have mini mints with holes in them but they're called Lifesavers.

  3. Haha :) The cake thing happened to my sister once. She was making cookies and SOMEHOW managed to forget to put in the flour. We only found out after we'd already baked it for a while. But it was ok. It was kind of fun scraping off and eating the sugar and chocolate and other stuff off the pan :)

    1. I did that too once, but with muffins. lol I was really mad and I often bake when I'm really mad cause I can be super violent and stir that batter to my heart's content and I guess I was so distracted that I forgot the flour and my muffins looked like pudding. But they still tasted yummy. :)

    2. Lol well pudding tastes good too ;)