Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I miss Summer!!

I don't know about you guys, but I am tired of winter. Enough already!! I mean, spring is supposed to start in like two weeks and we still have about two feet of snow in the backyard. This past week has been -13 to -26 degrees (9 to -15 for 'mericans).

That's not cool... or should I say warm *ba dum tish*.

I miss summer. Days when I could go outside without a coat zipped up to my chin and my hood pulled up. Days when I could wear flip-flops without getting frostbite. 

This is when it would be perfect to have a Tardis! Then I could just, y'know, travel someplace warm and sunny. I wonder if there's a planet that is like always summer! Not just warm weather, but constantly in a state of summer. Beach parties, concerts, sleepovers, barbecues etc. If anyone knows of any planets like this, please let me know! Oh, and if you happen to have a slightly used Tardis that I could acquire, that would be most helpful.

So! In memory/anticipation of the summer, here are some summery photos. You can mourn last summer with me or desperately pray that the warmer weather will arrive soon. And if you live somewhere warm and tropical that doesn't get freezing cold weather, I'm incredibly jealous.

All the pictures were taken by me and are SOOC.

Beautiful summer sunsets!

This forest is called the 'Enchanted Forest'. It's really pretty, a whole bunch of the trees
have grown together and are all intertwined.

Flippity flops!! :D

Beach sunsets.

And more beach sunsets. How I miss them!

Summer Sandals. Loved these sandals last summer. I swear, I wore them

Seaweed on the rocks.

I love this picture. I actually took it out of a moving car so I think
I should win something for the clarity of this photo.

While camping, the waves crashing against the rocks was such a soothing
sound to fall asleep to.

And the last summer picture for today. This one was a late summer picture.
Taken in August.

I now have One Direction's song "Summer Love" stuck in my head. Great.


Anyways! What are your favourite things about summer? Do you miss it as much as I do?

Quote of the Day

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. - Bertrand Russell


  1. Once again, your photos are beautiful O.o
    I think I know how you feel. A few years ago, at this time of year some people were already wearing shorts. That's obviously not happening right now...
    lynloveswolves.blogspot. ca

  2. i miss summer too and those photos are beautiful.

  3. I would say that it's constantly summer here, feeling that some winter and seeing snow for the first time sound better instead. Happy to see your post anyway! ♥ ☼