Sunday, June 15, 2014

Word Collage Canvas DIY

 Hello Lovelies!

I've recently taken the first step into DIY room decorating and thought I would share with you one of the projects I did in case anyone else out there is as stumped for ideas as I am and wants some easy projects.

I present to you - The Word Collage Canvas!

You'll need:
- A canvas (any size will do)
- Old magazines that you're willing to cut up and/or words printed off from the computer in different fonts
- Mod Podge (easily make this with 1/2 glue and 1/4 cup water shake before using)
- A paintbrush
- Scissors (I actually just had to google how to spell this)
- A color of paint you like

Instructional Part

Take an old or new canvas and paint a perimeter of 1-2 inches in whatever colour paint you want. You can paint it thoroughly or paint it so some of the original colour shows through. I'v done the latter because I wanted kind of a messy look to this.

Get out your stack of magazines (I have quite a few).

I found this really old one and felt kind of bad about cutting it up, but then I flipped through it and it turns out that someone had already taken scissors to it.

 Cut out a whole bunch of words; you're going to want between 20 and 40 words. In my opinion, it looks really cool if you have different colours, fonts and sizes. You'll want to leave a wide border around the actual words because all of your words have to fit together on the canvas and this way you'll have more to work with. I've used words here, but I'm assuming that it would work just as well with pictures.

This part's a bit like Tetris. All of your words have to fit together so you can't see the canvas. I recommend starting at the top and working your way down, adding words as you go. Also, it's your choice whether you want to have your words line up on the sides or not. I've chosen to have them kind of staggered because, as previously stated, I wanted a messier look. Oh! And it works better if you paint your canvas with the glue mixture, then stick the words on, instead putting it on each individual word.

After you've added all of your words, apply a coat of your glue mixture on top of all your words. *Important* Make sure that the words are firmly stuck to the canvas! Wait for the glue to dry before applying a top coat or the paper will bunch and wrinkle.

The finished project!

So there you go! Hope you got some ideas or want to try it yourself. If you do try this, comment with a picture or something so I can see it pretty please? :) If I end up doing more mini-ish projects over the summer, would you guys be interested in seeing more of these types of posts?

Video/Song/Thing of the Day

Epic Rap Battles of History - Skrillex vs Mozart

Soooo, I really like these videos. :) I think they're really creative and funny and often have fairly decent rappers. This one is probably my favourite out of the series, although they have some other great ones like Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc, Doctor Who vs Doc Brown and Michael Jackson vs Elvis. Enjoy! 


  1. That looks really cool! The only problem for me is I have no magazines, but still, that's really cool :) And in answer to your question, yes, please. I like artsy stuff :)

    1. Haha, I actually have none of my own magazines. :) Most of them are my parents' and I save them before they throw them away.
      Cool! :) I'm journeying into the world of DIY, no matter how much it intimidates me

    2. No one in my family reads magazines haha :)

      P.S. I love your new profile picture!! It's pretty :)