Monday, September 7, 2015

Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons

Hello Lovelies,

Little history lesson with Sarah. Sainte - Marie among the Hurons was a Jesuit settlement and it was the first European settlement to become what is now known as Ontario. It's been rebuilt and preserved so people can go visit it, and I went to go visit it a few week ago.


Pretty Bridge.

The vegetable garden.

I'm really quite fond of this shot.

This shot's cool too.

Inside one of the kitchens.

Chapel I think?

It was very, very smokey inside of the long houses.
There was a fire and only a little hole in the roof for the
smoke to escape through.

Apothecary's table.

Map of Canada as seen by France in a time that is
not now (I don't remember when).

Maple candy. Om nom nom.

On a totally different note, school starts tomorrow and I'm so ready for it to start so it can be over quicker. You feel me?

Song of the Day - Living Louder by The Cab

I recently discovered this band and although I'm not a fan of all of their music, I do love this one. It's got that wonderful love life, nostalgic type vibe to it that I seem to be very fond of.


  1. An actual apothecary's table! I've never seen one, up close or in photos, but I have heard of them! The fourth photo you took is quite artsy!

    xoxo Morning

  2. Well this one here wasn't super real either. It was just used for props. ^^ But it was modelled after the original! So that's got to count for something.
    Thank you! :)