Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello Lovelies!

Last month I went to Cuba for a week and it was beautiful and wonderful. And I completely forgot to post pictures. Yes, I am a horrible blogger, forgiveth me. Anywho! I'm here now and I come bringing pretty pictures! Be forewarned, this is going to be a photo heavy post. I took over 1,200 pictures, so narrowing it down to 33 was... a challenge.

My super cool brother with his
ice cream.

Pretty girl by the pool. :)

Stunning sister.

There were these lizards EVERYWHERE! They were the
equivalent of squirrels in Cuba. Jonathan affably
nicknamed them "Curly Tails". 
Jonathan and I walking on the beach. He's 11 and I'm
17, and we're almost the same height...

I love the colours in this picture. I think I'm going to make
it the new background of my blog. 

The theatre the first night put on a musical show. A medley
of different famous musicals. It really was amazing.

The adults at dinner: my mum, dad and Grandma.

Sunset on the... third night? Maybe fourth.  
Love this! I laugh every time I read, "Please, don't
suffocate the catastrophe".

The second night, the theatre
put on a magic show.

This is the only picture I have ever taken with flash that
actually turned out. This little guy was adorable.

The view of the back half of the resort.

My mummy and daddy <3

Sunset on the fourth night.

Sunset on the fifth night.

This night's dinner was phenomenal. So, so, so good.
This was a smoked salmon roll stuff with a crab
mousse. My tastebuds were in heaven.

And then a delicious steak with a heavily seasoned
side of mashed potatoes. My mouth is watering just
thinking about it.
On the sixth day, part of my family went on a
private tour to Havana. We stopped halfway at this
roadside stop and the view was beautiful.


My mummy. <3

In Havana! I feel like this picture just oozes Cubaness.

The architecture here is astounding.

Love the colours. 

There were a bunch of stray dogs in the city. This one
decided it was going to be our bestest friend and followed
us around.

For lunch we stopped at this really cute outside restaurant
really out of the way, in a foresty area. You can't
see the trees super well, because it's kind of overexposed
but they're there.

And there were chickens running
around the ground. Every once in
a while, something would brush past my
leg and I'd look down to see a chicken.
I loved it.

Our wonderful tour guide Ireena and our amazing
bus driver Harry.

The last night, we went to a Japanese restaurant where they
cooked the food right in front of us. The chef is throwing
food at Jonathan now. 

The chef was so funny, he'd goof off and pose and laugh.
Mum wasn't quite certain he wasn't going to actually throw
the bowl at her.

The flames reached fan above the stove.
It was an amazing trip. Lots of great memories. And there may or may not have been this really attractive guy who may or may not have been an incredibly amazing dancer who may have made the trip slightly more interesting. 

And one thing that was kind of funny was that everything was "sexy". The people there would call the trees sexy, the water sexy, the dress sexy, the food sexy. Everything was sexy.

Song of the Day - 6 AM by Farruko Ft. J Balvin

They had Spanish music at the pool everyday and this one was probably my favourite. 


  1. That frog picture is gorgeous. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

  2. This was a very SEXY post, M'friend! I love all the colours and really like your new background (well, almost) photo!

    - Ali x

    1. Thank you for your very SEXY comment! ;)
      I'm hopefully going to put it up today!

  3. What a fun time! <3
    Check out my blog?
    ~ Sanjana

  4. What a fun time! <3
    Check out my blog?
    ~ Sanjana