Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Future in Film?

Hello Lovelies!

Senior year is stressful. I'm just going to put that out there. You have to do all your assignments knowing that their grades will be put on a transcript that has the power to possibly dictate your future education.

And then, there's the whole matter of University. You're supposed to choose what you want to do for the next four years and then, it's implied, for the rest of your life.

Now, I'm kind of lucky. I get to do my senior year over a year and half instead of a year, due to a wonderful friend who may have accidentally kicked me in the head and given me a concussion for six months. So, I'm currently reaching the end of my "official" grade twelve year. Next fall, I just have to finish up two or three courses.

But as I'm, well, me and I'm someone who likes planning ahead, the stress and need to plan things out has been immense. For the past year or so, I've been desperately trying to find a University that will let me study photography or film and creative writing together to contribute to one degree. You'd think it'd be easy, but noooo. Apparently, photography or film works towards a "BFA" (bachelor of fine arts) and creative writing works towards a "BA" (bachelor of arts). And that darned "fine" is getting in the way of me doing both together.

Then, about a week ago, about half past midnight, I had an epiphany.

Why don't I just do a BFA in film? It would let me work with my camera and do creative writing at the same time, just not under the name of "creative writing". And the University I'd probably take film at has the possibility of me taking actual creative writing courses and actual photography courses! Plus, it'd be close to home and I wouldn't have to fly all the way out to UBC.

I've done film projects before and I absolutely love making them. I've been writing scripts since I was about twelve. I've been filming people and skits since I was about ten, when my little kiddie camera didn't even have sound. So I don't know why it never occurred to me before.

This realization's got me feeling a little like this.

Anyways, a weight has been lifted off my brain and I'm kind of excited. 

If you have any interest in looking at some of projects I've done, I've attached two videos beneath.

18 Years - Daughtry
(This one's my favourite)

You'll Be in My Heart - Phil Collins


  1. Okay... I'm sitting here feeling incredibly proud because you know what you want to do with the next few years, which is damn cool!

    Also, thanks for the Tarzan throwback that had me welling up!

    - Ali xx

    1. D'awww, thank you! :D
      Isn't Tarzan one of the most amazing Disney movies ever? I'm collecting them on VHS so when I move out, I'll have a bunch of them that I can watch in my apartment on my old VCR.