Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello Lovelies,

This post is about a month overdue and the truth is, I completely forgot about it. I was scrolling through my photo library, looking through the photos from the past month and realized that I had a whole bunch of photos from Thanksgiving weekend that I'd never posted!

Back in July, my family and I bought tickets to see Marianas Trench at Norfolk County Fair. Closer to the date, we thought, "Why don't we just spend the weekend up there?" Let me tell you, it was really fun to tell people who were having dinner with their families for Thanksgiving that I was going to see one of my favourite bands and spending the weekend in Norfolk. It made me feel like I was part of the dangerous, rock band loving family. Oh shush, let me live happily in my delusion. My family is totally dangerous and rock band loving. ;) Anyways, I didn't actually get to take any good pictures of Marianas Trench because I wasn't allowed to bring my good camera in, but I'll give you a crappy iPhone picture, just so I can say that I was there.

Ta da! I was there! They were incredible, again. Definitely
going to see them perform on their next Canadian tour.
Astoria songs anyone?
This was heavenly. Truly beautiful. It was a poutine with
pulled pork and fresh cheese curds. The gravy was just salty
enough and the fries were crispy and I'm drooling just
remembering it.
You know you're small when...

He was so cute and flopsy. 
This little guy was just two weeks old and he was so cute
and soft. Smelly, but very adorable.

I love bird eyes. They're always so
alert and round. That probably sounds
really weird. I'm not a creepy person,
I promise.
Is it just me, or does he look remind
you of a vampire? Dracula or something.

Ferris wheels are very picturesque.
They remind me of Grease and the

It took me a zillion times to get this
picture because I had to get the sun
flare just right with the people and the
merry-go-round. But I'm really happy
with the way it turned out. 
Again with the Ferris wheel. ^^

My Grandy is very pretty. I really like
this picture. It captures her quiet
personality and her artist side at the
same time. 
Ahaha, no family outing would be complete without a
ridiculous picture from Jonathan and I. 

Sunset out the hotel window the first night.  
On the Sunday, we visited Chudley's
Apple Farm to grab some apples.
My family all went to get the bags,
I went to go get the pictures. 

This was the second weekend in October,
and it felt like the beginning of September.

I really need a macro lens.

Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers.

The beginnings of fall colours. 

Late on Monday night, we did have
the typical, traditional Thanksgiving
meal. Turkey, ham, brussel sprouts,
green beans, squash and more.

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