Friday, November 6, 2015

Canoeing in Massasauga Park

Hello Lovelies!

So it's been a while, a decently long while. I'd say it won't happen again, but let's be real, it probably will. If you're still here and reading this, hello friends! If not, I hope you're enjoying your life wherever you are. 

Back in September (so long ago, le gasp!), my sister Victoria, my Dad and I all went up to Massasauga Park to go canoeing and spend the day up there. It started off being a rainy, kind of gross day, but it ended up be being really pretty. Have some pictures.

The water was so calm, it was like a
I'm actually rather fond of our canoe. It's very pretty. 

Gotta love those names though.

The sky started to clear up around

I don't know what those little green ball things are, but
they looked nice against the backdrop of the canoe and the

This was where we stopped for lunch and snacks. 

Hello Mr. Caterpillar.

I'm quite proud of this picture. I think
it's pretty intense.

First star to the right and straight on 'til morning...

We canoed a bit more, stopping at different banks to drain
the canoe (it got a leak) or grab snacks or pee. On one
of the banks that we stopped at, the ground was covered in these
tiny mushrooms.

There was also a little toad who decided to join our party. 

This picture feels very Tumblry. We
stopped one last time at the place
we ate lunch so Dad could go swimming
and Victoria and I could grab something
warm to drink.

The view from the campsite rock.

The sunset on the way home was gorgeous. The sky was
on fire. 


  1. This is on my bucketlist. For sure. Love the picturess ��

    1. It's gorgeous! I'd definitely recommend it. :) Thanks!