Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Life in Gifs

Hello Lovelies,

Yes. Yes, I am doing the "my life in gifs" tag...

Yes, I am a little lazy. It is summer. I'm allowed.

I couldn't narrow it down to 10, so you get 15.

And yes, I like Rachel Green. She may or may not be kind of my soul mate.

Happy Canada Day to any fellow Canadians out there! :)


  1. YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYY! I am so happy you did this!! :D

    Also, props on your 'Rachel Green'-itude - I myself related indefinitely to Pheebs, so I'm glad to have found myself a Rach!

    1. Bahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :) I loved "writing" it, although it took me forever to narrow down the gazillion gifs I kept adding to my blog post as I found them.
      Why thank you! I'm glad to have found myself a Pheebs! I just finished watching the whole show for the first time last night and I must say, I'm still in denial that it's over. I NEED MY FRIENDS!!