Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Don't Speak Spanish...

Hello Lovelies!!

I'm going to Cuba! My parents sat us down about a week ago and informed us that we needed to get time off work because they'd booked flights and a resort in Laguna Azul. I am uber excited as I've never been on a plane before and the farthest out of country I've ever been was Florida when I was eleven or twelve. The past four days have been filled with tons of planning and packing and, even though I never thought this could be possible, I think I am actually sick of shopping. I had no summer clothes and when going to a country where the highs are in the mid 30s, I'm assuming it might be a good idea to have shorts with. So! I thought I would do a haul post and show you all the summer clothes I bought!

I love aviators. And, despite it was kind of different
than what I usually like, I picked up a pair of the other
black ones as well.

They were cheap and two for something so I figured,
if there's the possibility they're going to break, I may as
well get two.

Shoes! Never can have too many.

I came downstairs in the head wrap
 at the bottom and my Grandma
thought I looked like a hippie. xD
Despite the appearance, these are not dresses! They are
rompers and they are incredibly comfortable. Excuse
my toes.

I love these tank tops.

And I really like this. It's really pretty,
I think.

Love plaid.

And lastly, new shorts! The bottom two are
high waisted and the top one is just normal...


  1. Eep! So excited for you! I love your wardrobe.

    xoxo Morning

  2. Cuba sounds amazing! I really hope you enjoy! :D

    1. Thanks! I had an incredible time. :) Pictures coming soon!