Monday, May 4, 2015

Collection of Tumblry Edits

Hello Lovelies!

Like many teen girls in our society, I do indeed have a tumblr *cough cough* rainlody *cough cough* self promotion *cough cough*. And I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, I can't imagine I am, but when I find pictures I really like, I grab them and save them to my computer. Every once in a while, I'll go look over them and smile. I have a bunch of different folders; stuff like "pretty" or "funny" or "words" or "celebrities/fandoms". The biggest is by far the "words" category. No surprise there. It's basically a collection of pretty word edits or quotes. So I was looking through this folder and I thought, "Hey! I should post some of these on my blog so that my awesome followers can see them."

Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!

And to all my fellow Star Wars fans, happy May the 4th! 


  1. What beautiful photos! May the fourth be with you!

    xoxo Morning

  2. The 4th one was painful! Hahaha I loved reading through this (you had me at 'tumblr')

    1. Oh, I know! It's painful, but beautiful at the same time.
      Haha, aren't tumblr edits the best? ;P