Friday, March 27, 2015

Portals to Other Places

Hello Lovelies!

This is just a quick little post to link you to two websites you may or not be interested in.

First is, at my mother's request (read: persistent badgering) I've actually started a proper photography blog. I probably won't be posting as much photography on here anymore because I have that blog. I'll be sharing that blog with people irl and I don't particularly want to direct them here. There's not much on it right now, but I'm planning on uploading a few of the photos I've posted here up there and obviously I'll be taking more pictures. So! If you're interested, or just want to check it out, go look here.

The other link is my brother's blog. Your probably will have recalled me mentioning him before. I think he even has a tag. He's eleven and he's decided to follow in my footsteps and start a blog! He's posting on my Mum's google account because he isn't allowed to get his own yet. So if you're interested in adorable, quality, eleven year old boy posts, look here. Here's a little excerpt.

"At around midnight two of three of my sister's (A/N: me) friends had to leave so my sister and one of her friends watched the third movie. I had nothing better to do so I watched it with them. It was (boring) as I said earlier but I was with my sister so it was okay."

Song of the Day

Anyone else uber excited for All Time Low's new album release next week!? :D


  1. Oh me!!!!! They're coming to my town in May and I'm so excited and trying to get some tickets!

    1. Ooh! Good luck! Getting tickets is always tricky.

  2. I just looked at your photography blog and your photography is amazing! :) It has a lot of emotion, which is what is essential when you're taking photos. It's what separates a painting from art... (does that even make any sense?)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it totally makes sense. Not to get all philosophical, but Aristotle talked about how art should really be a self expression and an experience, either by showing your own emotion, showing someone else's emotion, or inspiring an emotion in the observer. I completely agree. :)