Monday, August 24, 2015

A Day in the City

Hello Lovelies!

My apologies for being almost completely inactive this month! I knew I was going to be but due to my laziness/forgetfulness/bad-blogger-ness, I didn't tell you. But I have returned with a slew of new pictures, post ideas and stories, ready to face the wonderful and somewhat dreaded autumn months.

This past month has been very, very full. So full that I had to take a bunch of time off work. So full that I think I've been home a total of six days this month. So full that I don't think it would all fit in one blog post. Today's post shall be dedicated to one of my excursions; a trip into Toronto with my family.

We visited Kensington Market first. I loved the atmosphere, so I took a bunch of pictures of the surroundings (read: tons of pictures of row houses because I may or may not be obsessed with them).

Seriously! How can you not love unique row houses! They're
so cute.
Then we walked through China town.

I've never been here nor will I, most likely. But it sounds

I really like this picture. We were walking past all of these
pillars where people would put heir adverts and we
passed a few that were so covered in staples that you
could barely see the pillar anymore!

This guy was amazing. He would tell this truly cringe worthy
Dad-jokes to everyone walking by, as he washed the windows.
I asked if I could take a picture of him for my blog. He asked
if it would make him famous. I told him it probably wouldn't.
He said sure.

Om nom nom.

     After a day downtown, we went Laser tagging, which is probably the most amazing thing ever. We played the first game with a bunch of eight year olds and I placed seventh. The second game, there were a bunch of college aged guys, big guys who sized everyone up beforehand and were confident they could beat us all. I beat every single of them and placed third out of 32 players. There's something very satisfying about beating overconfident guys who are at least a foot taller than you.


  1. I know that satisfied feeling when you beat people older and taller than you. That Dad-jokes guy sounds hilarious! XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. And it's so funny watching them realize that you, yes you, five-foot-two mini person, have beat them!
      He was great. xD

  2. Firstly those row houses are so so cute!! I saw some similar-ish ones when I went to Amsterdam last summer - they just look so good! Also, I second that Dad-jokes guy sounds a hoot - who doesn't love a joke-telling-window-cleaner??! Also, well done on beating those college guys! I've never ever played laser tag, but you've now made me really want to go!! Also, I've used a lot of 'also's in this comment (sorry) :D

    1. Row houses are adorable and I hope one day I'm able to live in one with a pet cat, because I love cats.
      He was one of those people who you read about on Tumblr, but never actually meet and then I met him and he was awesome! :)