Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Things I Know To Be True

What is truth?
It is the little pieces of life
That people try to make sense of
By stringing them together into sentences.
Here are my ten little pieces of life,
Ten things I know to be true.

Each day is a new slate.
No matter how badly
I’ve made a mess of things,
The sun will continue to rise,
And fall
And rise
And fall
In a never-ending circle.
Every day I will wake
To the dawn of a new day
And say,
“Today is another chance.”

Joy is not hard to find.
It lies in the nooks and crannies of
Everyday life.
A comfy sweater.
A hot cup of tea.
The sound of rain
Hitting your window
As you drift off to sleep.
A box of chocolates.
Flannel shirts.
Music flowing through your headphones,
Drowning out the sounds of sorrow,
That surrounds us everyday.

I am not a plumber,
Or repairman
Of people’s hearts.
I cannot carry everyone’s problems,
I still fall trying to carry my own.
I can try for a while,
Run the mile,
Sprint across the distance,
But I will fall
And drop all of those delicate problems
You gave me to mend.
I’d rather lend an ear,
Tell me,
As a friend,
How can I lend a hand if
Mine are full,
Carrying the weight of the world.

Life is a fire.
It rages and it roars.
It is beautiful,
But sometimes you get burned.
And it hurts
And you sit,
Running your hand under the water,
Determined to never let it touch you again.
Let me tell you,
I’d rather see the wonder,
Experience the love,
Move with the flames
And get burned sometimes,
Than live a life full of

I am me.
I’m no one else.
I’m not the person you wish you were,
The chance you have to make things right
Or a perfect girl.
I’d say I’m sorry that you don’t like me,
But the truth is
I don’t really care,
If you think my clothing is stupid,
My music taste is weird
Or that I don’t act like you.
I don’t mean to be rude,
But I’m me,
Not you.
And I like me
The way I am.

People aren’t perfect,
They say things they don’t mean
And mean things they don’t say.
They will knock you down
And cut your heart
With sharp words that threaten
To keep you up at night.
But I am a person too.
And if I want you to
Love me,
Understand me,
And forgive me,
Shouldn’t I give you that right too?
Grace is a two way street.

Life is not a photograph,
It is a series of pictures,
A stop motion movie,
Of our past,
And future.
Don’t live in the past
But occasionally visit when you despair,
Just to see how far you’ve have come
From that last moment that knocked you down.
The present is a gift,
So make the most of every moment,
Flow with life’s river,
Dance with its music
And remember those moments
When you feel like there is no hope.
Look to the future
With rose tainted binoculars
And a heart that is open
To encounter the wonders
That could,
Would lie there,
If you only dared to dream.

Don’t take life too seriously,
Because it really is a funny thing.
We have Robin William movies
And billions and billions of people
With good senses of humor.
Life isn’t always in our control
And sometimes things get out of control,
And we’re left in the river without a boat,
But there is hope,
If you’d just learn to enjoy swimming.
Life throws you punches,
But don’t stop
Or drop,
Just roll with them.
Throw in a little rock
And you might have a pop song,
Ready to top the radio charts,
Telling people how to
Get along with life.

If you’d like to go crazy
By all means,
Analyze every little incident
Until you’re blue in the face.
Assign ridiculous meanings
To every word,
Every glance,
And at every chance,
Tell people their motives,
Because they probably didn’t even know
That they had them.

Lastly, math is from hell.
Its numbers twist
And confuse you
Until you’re certain
That two plus two
Must equal five.
And frustrate you
Beyond the point of no return,
Where your brain explodes,
From trying to cram numbers,
Into places that are meant for
Song lyrics
And movie trivia.
And you wonder
If your brain
Will ever recover
From the evilness
That was placed there.


  1. love this very much thank u Sarah ♡

  2. Amazing post! Love this!
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