Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello Again!

Hello Lovelies!

     I am dreadfully sorry for my month long (gasp!) absence. And I am dreadfully sorry, Ali, for not completing the 12POC tag! :( I entirely planned to finish it, and then big school projects before Christmas were due, and then Christmas break started and then I was away so much and I just hadn't the chance to actually sit down at my computer and write anything that didn't have to do with Philosophy or The House of Mirth or something dreadfully academic!

     I'm here now though! I have returned! And although exams are this month (yikes), I'm hoping to be posting a heck of a lot more. I shan't bore you with a play by play of my holiday, but I will share with you a few (yes, a few, I only took a few this time) pictures. Ooh! And I have some news that I'm super excited about that I want to tell you at the end of this post!

I think I must have had only about four days at home this winter break: Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. One of the places I went on my numerous travels, was to Niagara Falls, which is a beautiful city that has a falls that is right at the border of Canada and the United States. I'm not sure if it's a world wonder or not. Part of my brain is suggesting it might be. Hang on, to the Google. Nope, it's not. My bad. Although it is one of the seven wonders of Canada... anyways, I'll shut up now. Here are pictures.

View from the 39th floor of our hotel was pretty sweet. 

I really like night city pictures, with all the
pretty lights. And I love the sun setting in
the background.

*Insert sigh of contentment*
My sister Rebecca had never seen this classic 90s teen movie,
so I decided the only thing to do would be to grab the pjs,
chips and lie down on our luscious queen sized beds to
watch it. Isn't my plaid covered knee beautiful?

On New Year's eve, eve, we went to this
really neat restaurant called The Rainforest
Cafe. They set up the restaurant
like a jungle with moving animal statues.
Every half hour, the lights would go dim and
there would be a "thunderstorm". Yes, the restaurant
was meant for kids. Yes, I loved every moment of it.
Yes, I asked for crayons and a kids' menu to draw on.

Just chillin'.

Am I the only one who finds this sign amusing? ^^

This was Jonathan's favourite animal. 

The "sky". 
Love this boy.

Like I said earlier, I love the lights in the city at night. They're
all so bright and pretty. However, I was freezing my tiny
behind off taking this picture. It was -25 and super windy and
I was in a thin leather jacket (stupid). But it's pretty!
How were your holidays? Did you go anywhere or do anything fun??

Oh! My news! Drumroll please....

Thank you Ashton.

I am going to be crossing an item off my bucket list this spring...

I'm going to be releasing an EP!! My own!! With my own songs! Like a professional studio EP!

I'm just, I just...

This has been a dream of mine for so long and it's finally coming true! I need to come up with a name for it...


  1. Isn't Canada amazing? And Niagara Falls? Such a majestic view! I hope you have a great year!

    xoxo Morning

    1. It is pretty cool, but it does kind of get boring when you live there. I love my country, but I'd really like to be able to travel and see the world! :)
      Thanks! You too! :)

  2. Hello and happy new year to you, friend. Don't worry about the 12POC tag! I'm the person who created it and even I didn't finish! I seem to have forgotten that Christmas is incredibly hectic and exams are rolling up etc, and for that I sincerely apologise. I hope you had a good Christmas none the less.

    I just read the part the EP and almost burst in to tears of joy for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! (nice use of the Ash Irwin GIF, by the way!)

    I am currently trying to find a way to email you without posting my email into the void of doom we all know as 'the internet', as my semi-resolution (as I don't know if it counts) is to interact with fellow blogger mutuals as I have been instructed to participate in life.

    Congratulations (again!),
    - Ali x

    1. Happy New Year to you too, friend! :) I know! I'm always surprised every year when I have no time to do anything! I did have an amazing, if not insanely hectic Christmas, though.

      Bahaha, I suppose it makes us even for the Alphabet Soup Tag. ;) It's the intent that counts, right? xD

      Thanks!! :D I'm so fleepeety, bleeping excited I can't even describe it!!

      Oh the joys of trying to communicate via the void. :P Um a dum dum, *thinks profusely*.

      What if I did the things where I put the setting on where I have to check the comments before they get published? That way you could comment with your email and I just wouldn't publish it on the blog. Then I'd just change it back after. Would that work?