Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 Posts of Christmas

Hello Lovelies!

The wonderful Ali(ce)(which do you prefer?), has come up with an incredible idea to do a 12 posts of Christmas tag throughout December! Every post has to be about a different aspect of Christmas. It could be your favourite Christmas movies, gifts, decorations, etc.

She has tagged me in it (thank you!) so for the next little while, I'll be doing a series of posts on Christmas! The goal is to get all 12 done by the new year.

I'm really looking forward to doing this! I think it will be really interesting to be able to write about my favourite time of the year and read other people's posts.

I tag:

Kat from (Almost) Completely Mad

Dominique McDonald from 18 Going On Thirty 

The girls from Our Daily Haven

And anyones else who is reading this who wants to do it! If you do accept and want to do posts on it, leave a comment with the link to your post. I'd love to read everyone's opinions on different Christmasy things!

Song of the Day

Kind of sad, but I've been loving this song recently. I get to sing it for the Christmas concert I'm taking part in next Saturday! :)


  1. Hello, Sarah! Thank you so so so much for accepting ^_^!

    My name is officially Alice, but I prefer being called ali/ally (people spell it different idk) - problem is, my last name is Lee so 'Ali Lee' doesn't sound right :( it's like Frank Iero being Frankie Iero... It's just a name that the English language won't accept :(.
    But to answer, I prefer Ali/Ally :3

    Good luck on your posts! I have already attempted to think of ideas and have failed miserably! Many bahumbugs are all I can think of x_x

    - ali xx

    1. Thanks for tagging me! ^^
      Ahhh, okay! Good to know! Yeah, Ali Lee would be quite the tricky name to say.
      Haha, thanks! :) I've got some ideas so I'm just hoping I'll have enough to get me through all twelve.