Monday, November 24, 2014

What's Up Apps

Hello Lovelies!

I'm a pretty big fan of apps. Not a huge fan, but pretty big. Anything that can make my life easier or more interesting is pretty cool by my standards. Recently, I've downloaded maybe... (checks phone) three new apps and they're all really cool so I thought I would share them with you. Now, I'm fairly behind on things. So while I'm going, "This new app is so cool!" you may be thinking, "Sarah, that app's been out for six months." Bear with me.


I love word games, but I typically hate math games, which is why I was kind of surprised that I enjoyed this game as much as I did. It reminds me of those tile games where you have an image and then they mix up the image and you have to slide the tiles to make the image right again. Does anyone know what they're called?
Anywho, I'm rambling again. It's a number game where to goal is to add same tiles together to eventually reach the 2048 tile. Every time you slide a tile, a new tile comes onto the grid. If you fill up the grid with numbers that don't match the ones next to each other you lose. It's a lot harder than it seems! Or maybe that's just my lack of mathematical skills.

The Hunt

The picture pretty much describes the app. I heard about this one from a youtuber, don't ask me which one because I honestly don't remember. Here it is only showing clothing, but you can upload pretty much any item on this app and people from all over will look for where you can buy it. It's handy and it actually works really well. You can also look through other people's 'hunts' to find the items for them or see what others have found. You can set price points or choose whether you want people to look for an exact match or just something close to your item.


Admittedly, I have known about this app for a while now. It was kind of always in the background on facebook or twitter or youtube, etc. But a few nights ago I thought, "You know what? Imma try this and see what I think." So I did. And it's genius. If you're like me and tend to like under rocks, I shall explain it to you. And if you know exactly what this is, you can see me rave and laugh at my behind-the-timeness. You can sign up for free and make playlists on the app. Then you can look at other people's playlists and see what they've created. Or you can go and listen to the Spotify's pre-made playlists, which I have been really enjoying. You just select a genre or mood and it'll play you like five hours of that kind of music. I love this app because I'm discovering all sorts of new music. It doesn't just play the top 50, which is why I'm liking it more than youtube. Also, you can listen to it and have your phone/ipod/device on sleep mode or be using a different app. And it'll still play!

Alright, there you go! The apps that I'm enjoying at the moment! I would highly, highly recommend Spotify. The Hunt is really great for finding stuff you see on Tumblr. And 2048 is a strategy game that is a lot of fun and makes you think.

Until next time!

Song of the Day - Backseat Serenade by All Time Low

I'm really enjoying this song right now. It's so intense and just awesome. I love the driving beat.

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