Monday, August 3, 2015

Top 5 Plot Twists in Once

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I just finished all of the Once Upon a Time that has currently been released to date and I'm so flipping mad at how the season finale ended! You can't just leave people like that be and be like, "Ta ta! See you four months! Enjoy the stress." Anyways, I'm trying to remind myself that this show is pretty good at throwing all sort of things at you and they (usually) work out. And honestly, I do like the plot twists. They keep me on my feet. So! I've decided to do a countdown of the top five plot twists in the show so far.

5. Marian is actually Zelena.

Ooh, this was frustrating. Immensely so. Regina was finally going to get her happy ending with Robin Hood and be happy and good. Not only does Zelena completely mess with Robin and Regina, but she places a wedge between Regina and Emma who were finally starting to get along. I was trying to figure out how to kindly or heroically kill Marian off because she wasn't a bad person and the only reason I didn't like her was because she was married to Robin. And then we find out she isn't actually Marian and the real Marian is dead and I just want to rip her head off.  But, with all that frustration being expressed, I must admit, I didn't expect this whatsoever.

4. Lily is Maleficent's daughter.

Okay, I will admit, I did figure this one out before it happened. It was really clever of them to place Lily in Emma's past and I love the way they managed to weave her character into Emma's present time. When we originally learned that Emma had been friends with Lily seasons ago, I really hoped that she would find Lily again to at least make up if not be friends. And then when Maleficent's egg got sent to our world and survived, at the same time Snow was pregnant with Emma, I was pretty sure the egg would be Lily.

3. Little Red is also the wolf.

Not the biggest of plot twists ever but so cool. I don't remember if I figured this one out before it was revealed, but I was definitely impressed with the cleverness of this one. I was sorry she had to kill Peter to find out she was the wolf (Peter and the Wolf, eh?? Should've seen that one coming...), but it made her character so much richer and so much more interesting. It also helped to explain Granny's brutish attitude.

2. Baelfire and Neal are the same person.

This one is only less cool than the first one by like a sliver of a fraction of an inch. I mean, it related everyone to each other and my mind was blown. I mean, we knew Neal was Henry's father. And we knew that Bae was Rumple's son. But for Neal and Bae to be the same person introduced a whole new level of "WHOAAA!" I think I figured this out as soon as we started seeing Neal running away from Emma in New York. So just a second before we actually saw who he was. And I'm sorry, but I will never ship Captain Swan nearly as much as I shipped SwanFire and nothing can convince me otherwise. Neal was just amazing.

1. Peter Pan is actually Rumplestiltskin's father.

Whoa. Just "PFFFFT". That's the sound of my brain exploding. I didn't figure out this plot twist ahead of time. In fact, it took me a few minutes after the episode to try and get it all straight in my head. I mean, the fear on Rumple's part suddenly made sense. And so did the weird familiarity Peter had with Rumple. It amazed me to no end and that's why it sits at the the top of this list as the coolest plot twist.

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  1. I flipped out so much too when I found out that Peter was Rumple's father-- when I watched the episode of the reveal, my mind couldn't compute for several days. DX

    xoxo Morning