Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Look Inside My Room

Hello Lovelies,

Just over a year ago, I posted that I was re-doing my room and then I never posted pictures of my completed room! Which is really sad because I actually am very proud of the way it turned out. When she saw it for the first time, my sister said, "Wow, I didn't know rooms looked like that outside of Tumblr." Then my friend said, "I feel like I'm looking at a Pinterest board." So without further adieu, come take a little look inside my room.

Love this bird pillow. #IKEA

Music, candles and books. What else is there in life?

A wide shot of my room from my door.

Looking towards my door. 

Another wide shot of my room from the end of the windows
this time. Oh! And if you remember from last year's post
(who am I kidding? Last year was a world away), I couldn't
decided whether I was going to do a collage or a clothesline
type thingy with my photos. Well, I decided.
I love this wall with all the posters and records. If you look
in the bottom right hand corner, that's a record bowl.
I semi-melted an old record and turned it into a bowl.
#DIY #Imsocool #whyamIusinghashtags?
Anywho, there you go. Hopefully you got a little big more of an insight into my very complicated mind.

Oh! And this is my 100th post. Go me for using words to write stuff.


  1. Whoa, can I just say this: room goals! I'm actually on planning on redoing my room starting with painting it (it's going to be weird to have my room NOT be yellow) and I'm so nervous. I really can't express how creative your room decor is, but it's truly amazing. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks! :D
      Oh, it's so weird to have your room decorated differently for like the first month. Then you get used to it.
      I was so nervous too! What I did is I looked at different images of bedrooms that I liked and specifically picked aspects that I liked. Then I imagined what each aspect would look like on each part of my room and that helped me feel a little more confident in my choices.