Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hello Lovelies!

Long time, no see! Gotta love the craziness of the beginning of the school year. These last few weeks have just been hectic. I was sick with a nasty virus for a week, then I was in Belleville helping my mum help my Grandpa who's currently in the hospital. Then my songwriting class that I'm teaching started up. You get the gist.

I could write a completely random post right now, with tons of little stories of life and completely unrelated thoughts that would probably make no sense, but I decided to have pity on your brains and not confuse you to death. Go me!

Instead, I'm going to do a posting on the fall fair I went to just a little while back. And get this... they had a demolition derby. It was so cool and my brother may have been just a little bit scared of me. I may or may not have gotten really into it and started yelling at the drivers... oops.

So without further rambling, enjoy the pictures!

This turkey was so fat and it was one of the funniest things
ever. It looked like one of those fluffy pillows with a beak.


Isn't he adorable? I just wanted to take him home with me
and keep him forever. Maybe put him in my bath tub...

Chitty chitty bang bang we love you... luckly this was not
one of the cars they destroyed later that afternoon.
Kay, before you look at the next pictures, I just want to say that I have over 300 pictures of the demolition derby so y'all better appreciate that I narrowed it down to five. ;)




Pow! (I should seriously do the little action bubbles in
comic books, I know all the words).

OOOH! Look at the air that one car got!

I love pumpkins. I love pumpkin flavoured and pumpkin
pie and roasted pumpkin seeds and jack'o'lanterns. I love
the fact that the pumpkin's just like, "Hey, I'm orange
and I'm cool and there's nothing you can do about it.
Excuse me whilst I go be awesome and sit on this hay bale
and be orange. Bam"

My brother called this the punk sheep. I had taken it upon
 myself to name it Michael Clifford. You're welcome.

I really like this picture. It just feels so small towny and cute.
I have no idea who the guy and girl are in the plaid holding
the cotton candy and drink, but thank you for looking
so cute in my fall fair picture.

Ferris wheel! I like this picture too...

My wonderful father, who I love dearly, decided
that he wanted to photograph my brother and I
on the Ferris Wheel. Every time we would come
around to where he was standing, he'd take a picture.
So I have like ten pictures of my brother and I doing
super weird faces.
I only just now realized that you guys have never actually seen a picture of my face, haha. Here I am thinking, "Yeah, they all know what I look like," but you don't. Unless you're creepy and stalked me and somehow found my house and therefore know what I look like. Or you actually know me outside of the interweb. Do you guys want a picture of my face? I can call it...(dramatic pause)... "The Reveal" DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN.

Oh and 5SOS fans out there, DERPCON?!??!! *Internally freaks out*

Quote of the Day

That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons. - Dave Grohl

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cute and hot at the same time? Is that even possible?

Hello Lovelies,

So, I'm back at school now.


Actually, it's not that bad so far. I'm taking a creative writing course, a generic english course and philosophy.

But that's not the point of this post. I should probably warn you, if you have no interest in 5SOS, you may want to stop reading now. Cause this post is gonna include some pretty heavy fangirling.

I watched their iTunes Festival today. I just.... I can't... excuse my tumblrness, but... THE FEELS!!

They were just incredible, and so attractive and so adorable and just... Gah!!

I mean this is just...

And this and

I think I may have lost the ability to breathe... just saying. Someone fetch me a paper bag.
And I mean, ignoring the fact that they were all incredibly attractive and sweaty and just... yeah, they actually performed super well as well! I mean, End Up Here was just amazing and so was Long Way Home and What I Like About You and I am personally biased to Good Girls so I will always think that song is amazing, even if it were sung by a tone deaf grandmother. 

I loved it. I've decided that I'm gonna have to save up to see them live next summer, even if it costs me a billion bucks. Okay, well maybe not a billion, but you get the gist. 

How can someone be so adorable and so hot at the same time? It just doesn't seem fair! One thing I noticed and have noticed for a bit now, is how different they are at their own shows. When I went to see them when they performed with One Direction, they were fairly clean, their music was played in a more pop-y fashion, they lost the piercings and just appeared more boyband-y. Watching them perform on their own, it was like watching a whole different band. Tattoos showing, piercings in, why not talk about your experiences drunk underage and throw a bird at the camera every once in a while? Personally, I like the less clean 5SOS better. I dunno, it seems way more... them. I find it kinda funny that One Direction has taken four years to even imply a swear word in their songs, yet 5 Seconds of Summer swears right in their first single whilst talking about how great the girl looks in his underwear.

Well this has been lovely, but it is past midnight where I am and I have to get up at seven tomorrow. Good night all! Ta ta for now! :)