Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Changing Seasons

Hello Lovelies,

A little bit ago, I went on a hike with my family in the forest near my house. It had just snowed for the first time and I thought the contrast between the light dusting of snow and the golden leaves was really cool! It really showed the change of the seasons. So I brought my camera and took some pictures. My new background is actually a photo from that photo walk.

Walking into the forest. 

I love how tall the trees look
compared to my family. They're the
teeny, tiny people.

The forest floor, leaves and snow.

I think this is such a cool vantage point; the ice crystals
on the tree are so pretty!

I really, really like this picture. I
like the way the shadows fall and
the colours and the black dog.

Water drops that froze on the branches. 

Here it is, this is the background picture of my blog.

I love that there are icicles on the leaf. 

This little guy decided that my boot would be a perfect
place to rest for a bit. Which was perfect, because I decided
that him resting there would make a perfect picture.

My little brother running down the hill. He's so cute, I
love him to bits. 

I am actually super proud of this picture. I love the clarity
and I think the water droplets look so cool!

Are the seasons beginning to change where you guys are? Or do you have the same weather year round?

Picture of the Day

Yes please!

Monday, November 24, 2014

What's Up Apps

Hello Lovelies!

I'm a pretty big fan of apps. Not a huge fan, but pretty big. Anything that can make my life easier or more interesting is pretty cool by my standards. Recently, I've downloaded maybe... (checks phone) three new apps and they're all really cool so I thought I would share them with you. Now, I'm fairly behind on things. So while I'm going, "This new app is so cool!" you may be thinking, "Sarah, that app's been out for six months." Bear with me.


I love word games, but I typically hate math games, which is why I was kind of surprised that I enjoyed this game as much as I did. It reminds me of those tile games where you have an image and then they mix up the image and you have to slide the tiles to make the image right again. Does anyone know what they're called?
Anywho, I'm rambling again. It's a number game where to goal is to add same tiles together to eventually reach the 2048 tile. Every time you slide a tile, a new tile comes onto the grid. If you fill up the grid with numbers that don't match the ones next to each other you lose. It's a lot harder than it seems! Or maybe that's just my lack of mathematical skills.

The Hunt

The picture pretty much describes the app. I heard about this one from a youtuber, don't ask me which one because I honestly don't remember. Here it is only showing clothing, but you can upload pretty much any item on this app and people from all over will look for where you can buy it. It's handy and it actually works really well. You can also look through other people's 'hunts' to find the items for them or see what others have found. You can set price points or choose whether you want people to look for an exact match or just something close to your item.


Admittedly, I have known about this app for a while now. It was kind of always in the background on facebook or twitter or youtube, etc. But a few nights ago I thought, "You know what? Imma try this and see what I think." So I did. And it's genius. If you're like me and tend to like under rocks, I shall explain it to you. And if you know exactly what this is, you can see me rave and laugh at my behind-the-timeness. You can sign up for free and make playlists on the app. Then you can look at other people's playlists and see what they've created. Or you can go and listen to the Spotify's pre-made playlists, which I have been really enjoying. You just select a genre or mood and it'll play you like five hours of that kind of music. I love this app because I'm discovering all sorts of new music. It doesn't just play the top 50, which is why I'm liking it more than youtube. Also, you can listen to it and have your phone/ipod/device on sleep mode or be using a different app. And it'll still play!

Alright, there you go! The apps that I'm enjoying at the moment! I would highly, highly recommend Spotify. The Hunt is really great for finding stuff you see on Tumblr. And 2048 is a strategy game that is a lot of fun and makes you think.

Until next time!

Song of the Day - Backseat Serenade by All Time Low

I'm really enjoying this song right now. It's so intense and just awesome. I love the driving beat.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Best Musician of All Time

Hello Lovelies,

I'm so happy. It's a PE day and it's my birthday and I'm going to see Mockingjay Part 1 tomorrow and I was listening to Daughtry and then I thought I would go back and look over my old blog posts.

So, I was looking overthem and I had a momentary heart attack when I realized, I HAVE NEVER DONE A POST ON DAUGHTRY! Daughtry is my all time favourite band and has been for about five years. I own almost every song they've ever put out.

I have two types of likes when it comes to musical artists. I have those I properly fangirl over, as in "OHMYGOODNESSWHYMUSTYOUBESOATTRACTIVEANDYOURMUSICANDGAHH." Bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and kind of One Direction (although the latter is starting to transfer to the other kind of like).

Then I have the other type, where I am in love with their music. I may not know the age, birth place or birthday of every member. Heck, I can't even name the backup musicians in Daughtry. But their music is something I can relate to on every level. It's what I listen to when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm excited. Just, all the time. I couldn't care less about their looks, I just love the music they produce. It's amazingly written, I love the lyrics and the melodies and the vibes. Ed Sheeran fits this and so does Daughtry.

This is Daughtry.
I could rant and rave about how amazing they are until I'm blue in the face. But I'll spare you the lecture and show you the music instead. By the way, you need to know that I have managed to take four albums, over 50 songs and compile them into a small blog post. I think I deserve an award that says, "You are the Queen of narrowing things down to fit into your blog posts" or something like that. But heads up, this is going to be a long post.

I'm going to start with my favourites from his first album, titled "Daughtry".

1. Over You

I had this song on repeat for at least a year. I liked this guy but it had gone past the point of butterflies and into the point of "Flagnabbit! Why can't I get over you? I hate liking you!" Anywho, our friendship was kind of odd and fairly dysfunctional and I would sing this song over and over and when I finally did get over him, it was my victory song. I really like the song also as just a song, apart from my personal relation to it. It's very much a power song.

2. Crashed

I love this song. It's also my sister's favourite song by Daughtry. We'll turn this one up in the car and sing really loudly and roll the windows down. This one doesn't particularly have a personal connection, it's just a really good, rock song. Love the concept and the imagery. 

Honourable mentions: What About Now, Home, Used To, Feels Like Tonight

And now "Leave This Town". I think this one is probably my second favourite album by him. Or favourite. GAH, THIS IS SO HARD.

1. September

This is my favourite song. Ever. I have such a personal connection to this song. It's beautifully written. It starts off with a slower, almost regretful tone. As the song moves along, you realize that he's looking back on memories past, looking at where he is now and seeing that he is better off because of the memories. The guitars in this song add deepness to the song that no other instrument could capture. They become louder to emphasize different parts of the song and then quiet down to give the piece a thoughtful tone. The chimes at the beginning of the song give it an almost country fell. They make you feel like an old tumbleweed merely bounding along taking glances at things passed as you roll by. As the song draws to a close, the tempo slows, but in a peaceful way. It makes you feel like something has ended, that it’s final, that it’s finished. It's amazing and even after playing it over a thousand times (thanks iTunes for the count), I still get goosebumps listening to this song.

2. Tennessee Line

This song is almost more country sounding, a different feel for Daughtry. I really, really like this song and the nostalgic feel it has. It's very lyrical and melodic, definitely not beat driven like so many of his other songs are. And the fact that he's talking about Tennessee just makes it so much better. I really want to visit Tennessee one day. Anyone have any distant relatives that could put up with me for a week? ;)

3. No Surprise 

Yet another incredible power song. I love the way this song builds and grows. This one is also another one of my sister's favourites by Daughtry. The music video is also really cool. I like the way the band shots are set up.

Honourable mentions: Every Time You Turn Around, Open Up Your Eyes (sad), Learn My Lesson

Then Break the Spell...

1. Crawling Back to You

I really like the feel of this song, the way the melody starts so simply and the way it builds throughout the song. I also like the minor key of this song. It's not a super relatable song, but I like the way the lyrics are written. "Lessons learned/and bridges burned to the ground." Mwah! Amazing imperfect rhyme. Beautiful. And Daughtry's voice is just so intense.

2. Outta My Head

Alright, this one's very relatable. I would listen to this one with 'Over You'. First, I love the almost bare minimum feel. It's like they only used a set of drums, a guitar and him. Second, I love, love the message. I mean, it was like this guy had read every thought I'd ever had towards this guy and put them in a song. "Just when I think you're gone/You come back and turn it on/And just like a simple song/I can't get you outta my head". Definitely relatable. This album was filled with songs like this one and at the time it was completely relatable. Unfortunately for me, about two weeks after it was released,  I got kicked in the head and had a concussion for six months, which kinda put the binge listening on hold. 

There are so many great songs on this album! It's so hard to narrow them down!

3. Start of Something Good

This was a different sound for Daughtry, it contrasted with much of the album, but I'm really glad he included it. It has such an innocence and sweetness. I really like it, because it's sweet and sappy, but it talks about it just being the beginning, not the end, not a goal that's been achieved. I guess the only way I can think to describe it is innocent. It's about liking someone and being a bit nervous and not wanting to scare the other person away, but knowing that there's something between the two of you that's good and finally telling that person. 

Honourable mentions: Break the Spell (love this song, kinda like Outta My Head), Maybe We're Already Gone, Louder Than Ever

Alright, unless you are absolutely loving this and can't stop, go take a five minute break. Eat a cookie. Jog around your living room. Hug someone. We're three quarters of the way through!! 

Alright, final album and either my favourite or second favourite: Baptized! I literally love every song off this album. So you're going to get more than three songs. Sorry but not really that sorry. :*)

1. Waiting for Superman

I love, love, love this song so much. I love the beat and slightly more pop-y sound. I love the theme. I love the way he portrays the girl as imperfect. The lyrics are incredibly amazing. "She's talking to angels, counting the stars, making a wish on a passing car. She's dancing with strangers, falling apart, waiting for Superman to pick her up". The music video is so sweet as well. Every time I hear the line "And she smiles, oh the way she smiles" I smile. Every time. 

2. Wild Heart

The lyrics are what truly make this song. They're just so clever. I really love the message; I find it encouraging and sweet. It's basically about this girl who was so free and bright and smart and "wild" but her life hasn't been kind to her and her "wild heart" has been dimmed and he's saying, "I know you're still in there! I know you still have your wild heart. Take me back to it." Favourite lyrics from this song are "You would rock around the ball room/dance in the bar." I just think it's such a cool contrast and really clever. 

3. 18 Years

I really love this song. I know I keep saying that, but hey, that's what makes Daughtry my favourite artist. This song is so nostalgic, I love it. I love nostalgic songs. It's basically about these two people who were childhood friends and now they're older and looking back on their childhood/teen memories. The video above, is actually a music video I filmed, directed and edited and I'm actually pretty proud of it!

4. Cinderella 

This song hits me right in the feels. It's so adorable. It's this guy who is writing a song to his love but it's not poetical or perfect or even pretty. It's not deep or flowery. It's real. It's just... just listen to it. I can't explain it. It's a ukelele and this guy just singing to his girl. It's like he's trying to write something sweet and romantic but this is what he comes up with and it's way better.

Honourable mentions: Literally every other song. But at the top would be Baptized, I'll Fight, Broken Arrows and Traitor.

We did it!! Yay!! 
I loved writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it/listening to it! :) 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Dictionary of Me

Hello Lovelies!

So it came to my attention today, that I say stuff. Yes, I say stuff. And often, people have no idea what I'm talking about what I say this stuff. Or, I'll say something so genius that people are like, "Woah, you're a genius." So for your benefit and mine, I've decided to create a list of some of the things I say that are either incredibly weird or incredibly genius or both. A Sarah Dictionary if you will.


Meaning: Combination of doofus and goof.
Use: Affectionately when someone does something goofy and stupid. Often used around little brothers or dramatic friends. e.g. "You're such a goofus."

Shluppy (I don't think I can take credit for this one, but enough people have given my blank looks when I use it that I think it would be good to include it)

Meaning: Lazy, messy clothing or hair style or attitude

Use: On saturdays or sundays when you feel lazy or don't want to do anything. e.g. "Just let me change into my shluppy pants."


Use: In frustration or disappointment.

Would you like it alphabetically or chronologically? 

Use: As a comeback, particularly when asked, "What did I ever do to you?"

Poo Sticks

Use: When frustrated, especially when doing poorly at Mario Kart.

Awesome Sauce

Use: When something is so awesome that just saying awesome is not enough. The sauce adds awesomeness. It's awesome sauce.

Confuzzled (Pretty sure this one isn't mine either)

Use: In absolute confusion. Particularly if there are fuzzy things involved.

Ooh! And, as I'm sure you've noticed, I changed the background and little icon picture last night. I was getting bored of it. I'm still not entirely certain about the little picture of me and if it matches the background alright. What do you guys think?

Quote of the Day
Dictionary: Opinion expressed as truth in alphabetical order. - John Ralston Saul

Monday, November 17, 2014

FOUR - My Review

Hello Lovelies!

So it's been almost a month... oops.

Life has been increasingly busy, but I'm back now! I have a whole slew of post ideas and a bit more free time, both good things!

So last night, One Direction's new album officially dropped. Because I was up doing school, I was able to listen to it and it's pretty good! So I figured I would do kinda what I did when Ed Sheeran's newest album came out and do a sort of review of my favourite songs. And just like before, the songs appear by the order they are on the album, not by preference.

1. Ready To Run

Recently, I've loved the idea of running away, not as escape, but just to be spontaneous. Just ditch everything and go on an adventure! This has some great lyrics that talk about that. "This time I'm ready to run/ escape from the city and follow the sun". It's not my favourite off the album, but it has a catchy vibe and some clever lyrics, so it makes the list.

2. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

I feel like all of the guys are vocally strong in this song. It really shows off the differences in their voices. That's probably my favourite part of this song, the vocals. It talks about making a mistake in a relationship, regretting it and trying to find them and make up. Having been single as a pringle my whole life, it isn't an incredibly relatable song, but the lyrics are really well written, lots of literary devices.

3. Fool's Gold

I really, really like this song. It talks about liking someone who doesn't feel the same way and isn't what they seem. It basically talks about the fact that you're falling for fool's gold. Even though you know what you see and what you feel isn't real. I know I can relate to this. It's a slower song and I really like the lyrics. I know I continually go on about lyrics but they can either make or break a song and I love 'em.

4. Night Changes

Hands down my favourite song off the album. First, I love the melody and vibe. The melody is really pretty and the vibe is so peaceful. It makes me think of skating on a lit rink at night while the snow is slowly falling and there's no wind. I can almost hear the sound of ice skates against the ice when I hear it. What I take away from the song is that we're getting older and things change so fast, but the relationship isn't going to change. And I really love some of the lyrics. Like "he's waiting/hides behind a cigarette" or "her mother doesn't like that kind of dress/reminds her of the missing piece of innocence she lost"? Pure geniusness. I love the nostalgic feel this song has.

5. Fireproof

I really liked this song when I first heard it and I still really like it. It's just a very happy, positive song without the bubblegum pop that One Direction has previously had. It has a more mature, acoustic sound to it. The harmonizing is really nice and the lyrics are cute.

6. Clouds

This is definitely a power song. Something to belt into a hairbrush on your bed, if you know what I mean. Definitely a more mature song. I like that it's really guitar driven and it has more of a minor sound to it. I think my favourite part is the verses, the chorus reminds me of Mary Poppins and I have absolutely no idea why. But whenever I listen to the chorus, I just think of Mr. Banks walking back from the bank. Speaking of which! Has anyone seen Saving Mr. Banks? If not, watch it! It's incredible.

7. Act My Age

I'm not going to deny it, I laughed when I first heard this song. Hard. The intro started and I was in stitches. It's like pirate meets gospel meets 21st century meets 80s pop ballad. And then the bridge sounds like a Christmas song. And then you have some Snow White and the Seven Dwarves whistling. I know it sounds odd, and admittedly, it is odd. Very odd. But it's also very good. I can sort of imagine Merry and Pippin in a bar dancing on a table with their pints in this song.

Whole Album
I liked this album a bunch. There were some songs that I'm 'meh' about. Some of them sound pretty similar. The best word I can think of to describe this album is vibe. I know that isn't really specific but it just has lost of vibes. Happy vibes. Nostalgic vibes. Sad vibes. Vibey vibes. Generally, I do really like the new sound they're developing. I really hope that they'll be able to smoothly move from a boy band to a band band and I think they're doing a good job starting that transition.