Thursday, August 6, 2015

Can't You See That It's Just Raining?

Your rubber boots are a little tighter than you remember. They chafe your ankles as you tug them on over your jeans. You haven't worn them in at least a year. Maybe more.

The thunder booms outside and the percussion of the rain hits your window. The drops stream down the glass and your heart beats in excitement.

The open text books lie on the table, a half filled notebook beside them. You had an exam next monday. You didn't care. It was the first rainfall and you needed to get out.

Giggling as you throw open the door, you run outside, deliriously happy.

"What are you doing?" Your friend calls incredulously from inside the doorway. "It's pouring buckets! At least grab an umbrella."

No, not this time.

The rain falls like the notes of a melody on paper and you lift your face towards the grey sky and laugh. It's wonderful, the warm drops hitting you face, brushing through your hair.

"Come out and join me!" You call back to the house with a grin.

"What? Are you crazy?"

"Yes," you shout cheerfully, throwing you arms wide as if you embrace an old friend, "in the best way!"

"If I catch pneumonia and die, I'm coming to haunt you." And with that, reluctant footsteps can be heard squishing into the wet ground. Your friend squeals as she runs towards you. She shoves you and soon, you're both laughing. You feel six years old again.

And suddenly, as if something has possessed you, as if something has taken hold of your heart, as if the rain's melody has cast a spell over you, you begin to dance, your face upturned and your arms wide.

You twirl with the drops, skip with the water, dance with the storm. And your heart feels free. And you realize how much you'd missed this. It's been so long since you danced in the rain.

(A/N: Funny story, this little blurb was actually inspired by the tweet by Marianas Trench which read "Rained like crazy in our home town last night. We needed that. Been so long since I've danced in the rain.")

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  1. Rain. So lovely. <3 Inspiration comes from random places, but it's nice.

    xoxo Morning