Friday, June 26, 2015

Remember Me

    Arthur Williams walked with a limp. It was one filled with pain and the weight of war. Yet, for all of the sorrow in his life, he was not sad. His cane hit the hospital floor and he smiled as he passed the visitor’s desk. One of the secretaries smiled back.
     “Did you see that?” She asked the nurse who was filing something. Arthur Williams had been a regular visitor of the hospital ever since his wife had been admitted with Alzheimer’s a year ago. The staff couldn’t believe his unwavering loyalty, his undying persistence; his powerful love. He visited every day. They’d been married over forty years, he would tell them; it’s not the end. They would smile, but deep down they knew, the end was coming.
    The nurse nodded sadly and they both watched as Arthur Williams knocked on door 213.
     Inside, he walked over to the white bed with a large smile on his face. It faded gradually when he noticed the monitors beside her. He hated seeing them. They always meant that his wife wasn’t happy. Looking down at the cloth draped across her forehead, he saw the beads of sweat rolling down her face. A fever.
     “Is that what I think it is?” He asked sadly. A fever was a sign. There’d be more hallucinations today. More fear. She wouldn’t remember. Slowly, he reached for the cloth.
     “Don’t touch it!” She cried shakily, lifting her hand to stop his. He moved his hand and rested it on her cheek, stroking it softly. She was burning. He shut his eyes sadly, trying to reel back his tears. The hallucinations were getting closer together. Soon, she wouldn’t remember at all.
     “So warm,” he muttered. Any second now, she wouldn’t remember him. She’d look at him with those beautiful, blue eyes and they’d be empty. He prayed that it wouldn’t be today. He prayed that he’d have just one day with her. Holding her close, he prayed with all his might.
     For about five minutes, they sat embraced on her bed. It seemed like everything would be all right. Then she started to shudder. He pulled away and she looked at him with wide eyes. Empty eyes. Shoving him away, she began to sob. Then scream. The nurses came rushing in.
     “I don’t know where I am,” she cried. The nurses tried to reassure her. She was in the hospital; she was safe. Their cries fell on deaf ears. Only Arthur’s voice made it’s way through the chorus. It told her she would be all right, she would make it through; she was loved.
     An hour later and he was sitting on her bed again. She had calmed down. She was all right. And most importantly, she remembered.
     “You never believe me,” Arthur Williams said with a smile as he embraced his wife.

     She looked up at him, her eyes filled with happiness. That was her husband. Love. She was okay. Peace.

(A/N: This was a school assignment that I did this past semester. The assignment was to create a story and the only lines of dialogue we could use were the ones in my story and they had to be in that order. My Grandfather died of Alzheimer's, so this is kind of a hard story for me, but I did want to post it.)

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's a Funny Thing

Hello Lovelies,

You know what's funny? Attraction. Attraction is a funny thing, and most of the time, I don't even really understand it. Why do we become attracted to people? Like, if I were to compare two different people with more or less the same personality traits, why would I be attracted to one and not the other?

And can attraction to the same person come and go? Or if you think it does, is it that you just have denied the attraction, pushed it down, hidden it?

Is attraction medical? Can you boil it down to a chemical reaction? Does it all happen in our brains? Is the whole thing a figment of our imaginations?

And how can you really tell if you're attracted to someone? There's no ruler. It's not like Mary Poppins' measuring tape that says, "Oh look, you're attracted to them".

How do you tell the difference between romantic attraction and friendly attraction? Is there even really a difference? Can you be attracted to someone as a friend and then romantically? Or is it like the first type of attraction is the only thing you'll feel towards them?

It's all so confusing. And I'm so bad at figuring it all out. And then I'll think I've finally figured it out and it'll go and change on. That really stinks, because then I feel all stupid for not being able to figure it out the first time, or second, or fifteenth.

Ah, the joys of being someone who needs to have everything figured out.

Song of the Day

I'm not a Sam Smith fan, but I don't know why not. I don't know much about him, or much of his music, but recently I heard this song and was pretty impressed. I'll have to investigate him a bit more.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Blogging, had me a blast.

Hello Lovelies!

So summer is here and I'm very excited. I'm FREEEE!

Anyways, I've been looking at my blog and thinking, what can I do maybe a little differently over the summer?

I've had some ideas and I'd love your guys input, y'know, since you're the ones who'll be reading it.

First, I was thinking of introducing a "DIYFridays" thing over the summer. Kinda like a "Man vs Pin" type thing but, y'know, I'm not a man and I'm a blogger, not a YouTuber. You guys could suggest pins or DIYs and my wonderful sister Rebecca and I will try them out, document them and put them up for you guys to see.

Second, I do a bunch of writing, and I've had a few people I know ask if I could write them a specific drabble or something. They'd give me a scenario and I'll write it for them. Over the summer, what would you guys think of submitting requests and I'd try to write them for you?

Third, I've never done a 30 day challenge before and I've always wanted to try one. There are tons and tons of them out there, all with different themes and different questions. Would you guys be interested in reading something like that? This one looks pretty cool:
Or I could always come up with my own...

Lastly, I was also wondering, what do you guys actually enjoy reading on my blog? Photography posts? Life posts? Rants? Tags? Reviews? Writing? Something completely different? Cause every once in a while, I'll be sitting in front of my computer with nothing in my brain, wanting to write a blog post, but having no idea what to write.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Future in Film?

Hello Lovelies!

Senior year is stressful. I'm just going to put that out there. You have to do all your assignments knowing that their grades will be put on a transcript that has the power to possibly dictate your future education.

And then, there's the whole matter of University. You're supposed to choose what you want to do for the next four years and then, it's implied, for the rest of your life.

Now, I'm kind of lucky. I get to do my senior year over a year and half instead of a year, due to a wonderful friend who may have accidentally kicked me in the head and given me a concussion for six months. So, I'm currently reaching the end of my "official" grade twelve year. Next fall, I just have to finish up two or three courses.

But as I'm, well, me and I'm someone who likes planning ahead, the stress and need to plan things out has been immense. For the past year or so, I've been desperately trying to find a University that will let me study photography or film and creative writing together to contribute to one degree. You'd think it'd be easy, but noooo. Apparently, photography or film works towards a "BFA" (bachelor of fine arts) and creative writing works towards a "BA" (bachelor of arts). And that darned "fine" is getting in the way of me doing both together.

Then, about a week ago, about half past midnight, I had an epiphany.

Why don't I just do a BFA in film? It would let me work with my camera and do creative writing at the same time, just not under the name of "creative writing". And the University I'd probably take film at has the possibility of me taking actual creative writing courses and actual photography courses! Plus, it'd be close to home and I wouldn't have to fly all the way out to UBC.

I've done film projects before and I absolutely love making them. I've been writing scripts since I was about twelve. I've been filming people and skits since I was about ten, when my little kiddie camera didn't even have sound. So I don't know why it never occurred to me before.

This realization's got me feeling a little like this.

Anyways, a weight has been lifted off my brain and I'm kind of excited. 

If you have any interest in looking at some of projects I've done, I've attached two videos beneath.

18 Years - Daughtry
(This one's my favourite)

You'll Be in My Heart - Phil Collins

Friday, June 12, 2015

And we're set alight.

Hello Lovelies!

Last Saturday, I had the amazing privilege of seeing Ed Sheeran live, in person, in 3-D, in all of his talentedness. I will try to convey the amazingness in words, but I am sure that I won't do it justice.

My friend from Quebec, Kara (if you're reading this, hi Kara!), came down the night before so we could go to the concert together.

After driving halfway, getting on the subway, getting on a bus and then getting on the subway again, we finally reached the Air Canada Centre. We got inside, found our seats and began freaking out at how extremely close we were, only to have a security guard come over and tell us that our tickets were frauds. Yeah, we'd accidentally bought fraudulent tickets. You can imagine our horror and panic. But, maybe because the arena is used to this sort of thing, or maybe because we were all so pretty, or maybe because I live in Canada, they let us stay. We had to move about eight seats to the left in a section directly beside the stage. The view wasn't quite as good, but we were all just relieved we weren't going to be kicked out.

And then Ed Sheeran came on the stage and all our worries about tickets went out the window. He was so amazing. With one guitar, two microphones and a loop pedal, he could sound like an entire band. Not only was he an amazing singer and guitar player, but to have the creative instincts to be able to layer and loop and build up all the momentum? That's insane talent right there.

Here's some of the pictures I managed to get throughout the show. I'm really proud of the way they turned out!

Photograph. One of my favourite songs off of the
new album.

I really like this picture.

During Thinking Out Loud, my mummy giggled with
 happiness the whole time.

The lights and smoke made for a really cool effect during
Bloodstream. Bloodstream live was such an incredible
experience. Honestly, there are no words.

The lights during A Team.

He was literally this close at one point. The camera I was using
doesn't have that great of a zoom. 

Leading the crowd in harmonizing during Give Me Love.

He has the voice of angels and unicorns and chocolate
all mixed into one.
The lights at the end of the show.

And here's just a little taste of his incredible voice. Please excuse the girl directly behind me, she sang along for parts of it. :P But seriously. just listen to this; it's amazing. Even if you just listen to the first 30 seconds.

It was an amazing concert. If you ever have the chance to see him live, take it. It will be one of the best nights of your life.

(And as you can see, I've done a bit of blog renovating. I originally put up the boat picture, but then I saw this one and couldn't help myself. It's just so cute!)

Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello Lovelies!

Last month I went to Cuba for a week and it was beautiful and wonderful. And I completely forgot to post pictures. Yes, I am a horrible blogger, forgiveth me. Anywho! I'm here now and I come bringing pretty pictures! Be forewarned, this is going to be a photo heavy post. I took over 1,200 pictures, so narrowing it down to 33 was... a challenge.

My super cool brother with his
ice cream.

Pretty girl by the pool. :)

Stunning sister.

There were these lizards EVERYWHERE! They were the
equivalent of squirrels in Cuba. Jonathan affably
nicknamed them "Curly Tails". 
Jonathan and I walking on the beach. He's 11 and I'm
17, and we're almost the same height...

I love the colours in this picture. I think I'm going to make
it the new background of my blog. 

The theatre the first night put on a musical show. A medley
of different famous musicals. It really was amazing.

The adults at dinner: my mum, dad and Grandma.

Sunset on the... third night? Maybe fourth.  
Love this! I laugh every time I read, "Please, don't
suffocate the catastrophe".

The second night, the theatre
put on a magic show.

This is the only picture I have ever taken with flash that
actually turned out. This little guy was adorable.

The view of the back half of the resort.

My mummy and daddy <3

Sunset on the fourth night.

Sunset on the fifth night.

This night's dinner was phenomenal. So, so, so good.
This was a smoked salmon roll stuff with a crab
mousse. My tastebuds were in heaven.

And then a delicious steak with a heavily seasoned
side of mashed potatoes. My mouth is watering just
thinking about it.
On the sixth day, part of my family went on a
private tour to Havana. We stopped halfway at this
roadside stop and the view was beautiful.


My mummy. <3

In Havana! I feel like this picture just oozes Cubaness.

The architecture here is astounding.

Love the colours. 

There were a bunch of stray dogs in the city. This one
decided it was going to be our bestest friend and followed
us around.

For lunch we stopped at this really cute outside restaurant
really out of the way, in a foresty area. You can't
see the trees super well, because it's kind of overexposed
but they're there.

And there were chickens running
around the ground. Every once in
a while, something would brush past my
leg and I'd look down to see a chicken.
I loved it.

Our wonderful tour guide Ireena and our amazing
bus driver Harry.

The last night, we went to a Japanese restaurant where they
cooked the food right in front of us. The chef is throwing
food at Jonathan now. 

The chef was so funny, he'd goof off and pose and laugh.
Mum wasn't quite certain he wasn't going to actually throw
the bowl at her.

The flames reached fan above the stove.
It was an amazing trip. Lots of great memories. And there may or may not have been this really attractive guy who may or may not have been an incredibly amazing dancer who may have made the trip slightly more interesting. 

And one thing that was kind of funny was that everything was "sexy". The people there would call the trees sexy, the water sexy, the dress sexy, the food sexy. Everything was sexy.

Song of the Day - 6 AM by Farruko Ft. J Balvin

They had Spanish music at the pool everyday and this one was probably my favourite.