Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Derpcon and the Proper Reveal of Me

Hello Lovelies,

So, I didn't win Derpcon. :( To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting to, so I wasn't that disappointed. But, I think some of my other costumes were actually pretty creative so I figured I'd at least share some of them with you! :)
Today I'm Platinum. With the ability to win anyone
 a Platinum record, I'm exploring strange new
 keeks, seeking out new fans and hopefully
going where no 5SOS fan has gone before.
 Sick of boring tea party after boring tea party? Fear not, the
Rad Hatter is on her way! Bringing fun to good
girls everywhere, she'll turn any event into a party!
I'm Co-Z. So chill, I make Canada look hot. 

And here's pictures of me NOT as a superhero so you know that I don't usually look like this.

Staring into the DEPTHS OF YOUR SOUL.

Happy hat.

Shameless selfies? 

Well, so that was a lot of pictures of me. I apologize to your eyeballs. 

Song of the Day - Just the Way I'm Not by All Time Low

When I was about thirteen, my friend introduced me to All Time Low and I thought, "Oh my goodness! These guys are amazing!" And in true Sarah fashion, I then proceeded to completely forget about them. And then last week or so, I found them again and have been listening to about eight of their songs on repeat. This one is currently my favourite out of the eight. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Derpcon Day 1 Entry

Hello Lovelies!! 

This is just going to be a short, itsy bitsy, leetle post today. The contest for Derpcon in Canada was posted and I'm really, really excited and really, really nervous. Between now and the 27th, we have to upload an original superhero costume to Instagram. We can post one original picture a day. 
And I thought I would show you my costume for today cause I'm actually pretty proud of it. :) 

Realizing that this is the first time you guys actually get to see my face, I should probably just clarify that my hair is not usually this colour. 

So this is me as Kaleidoscope! Go me! 

Tomorrow is going to be a metallic alien called 'Platinum'.... 

Song of the Day - Everday Superhero by Smash Mouth

It's only appropriate...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hello Lovelies!

Do you ever realize how lucky you are to have people in your life? People who care about you and take time to talk to you and are interested in you? Over the past week or so, I've really started to realize it.

I have some pretty amazing friends.
I have friends who really make me smile, who can really brighten up any day just by having a conversation.
I have friends that I would trust with my life, who's advice I greatly value.
I have friends that I can argue and debate with, with the understanding that we're not taking personal shots, we just love playing the devil's advocate.

I have a great family.
My eleven year old brother came down this morning and the first thing he did was hug me. He's a dedicated 5SOS fan (props to me), a caring, sweet, sensitive guy who always is interested in what I'm doing.
My thirteen year old sister is probably the most down to Earth person I know. She likes to joke that she's a girl version of Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, but she's so much more than that. We share the same sense of humour and have numerous inside jokes, she is insanely musically and creatively gifted and I love her to bits.
My fifteen year old sister is incredible. We fan girl over shows together, our conversations are truly unique and she always has a different perspective on situations that I never would have considered. No one ever believes that we're related. She's tall, blonde and tan with no freckles and I'm short, brunette, pale as a snowman with tons of freckles.
My mum is my cheerleader and my support system. I honestly cannot believe the amount of driving around she does every day, pretty much all day, just to support our interests. She teaches my two youngest siblings, she cooks meals for us everyday, and she unfailingly does it without complaining.
My dad is always interested in my life. He makes attempts to engage in my life and wants to know all about the "teen culture" (he read The Maze Runner on his flight to Charlotte). He's supports all my hobbies and passions, always helping me further them.

My music teachers are amazing too.
My songwriting/guitar teacher is one of the most amazing, inspirational people I know. He encourages me to run after my dreams and not give up when things get hard.
My singing teacher is so bubbly and helpful and laughs more than any other person I know.

And I'm so thankful for you guys. It is such a nice feeling to know that I can post whatever I want on here and you guys will be understanding, even if it doesn't make any sense.

So whether you are an internet person or someone I know in real life, thank you for being in my life.

Song/Video of the Day - Good Girls by 5SOS

Did anyone else go ballistic over this video?! It's probably one of my favourite songs from the album and it makes me so happy that we actually got a video that had something to do with it. Don't Stop anyone? ;)  So proud to be a Mikey girl right now. I feel like everyone who's been calling him ugly for years finally woke up. Mwuahahaha. >:)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Dreams

Hello Lovelies!

Happy October! I'm so happy it's fall. The trees are turning colours and it's rainy lots and I'm getting out my sweaters and scarves. *Happy Sigh*.

Today, as I'm doing my homework, my mind can't help drifting off to pleasanter places (5 points for alliteration).  I just can't help it! Especially now that it's autumn and it's currently rainy and I can hear the sound of the rain hitting the window.

I think one day, I'd like to live in a row house. But not an ugly row house. A pretty one. Maybe like this one.

Or this one. I love the colours.

And I'd have a cat. I don't know why I'd have a cat, but it seems to fit. I'd drink lots of tea and wear my hair up in messy buns and wear lots of large sweaters. I'd have an old fashioned type writer and in the evenings, my friends and I would walk into the city to the little coffee shop that we loved and talk about literature or music or something wonderful. And there would be a little record shop around the corner from my little row house. Because of course, I'd have a record player.

Maybe there would be a guy with brown eyes who always worked there when I came in on Wednesday afternoons. And we might have the same taste in music and one day he'd give a recommendation and I'd invite him to our join coffee shop group and we'd become great friends. Great friends with endless possibilities of where we might end up.

Maybe it'd be New York. Maybe it'd be a little town in England. Maybe it'd be as close as Toronto.

On the other hand, I'd love to live in a cute little country house. Somewhere in Britain. Maybe Wales. I've heard Wales is nice and my ancestors are from there. Ooh, or Ireland.

A little house like this one.
Or this one.

During the days, I might work at the bakery that was a few minutes into town. Or as a part time journalist of the newspaper. Or a photographer. On my days off, I'd spend the days reading in all the little, cute corners my house would have, writing, visiting friends or walking the few acres that I would have as my backyard. I'd wear long skirts some days when I wanted to feel like Elizabeth Bennet, but other days, I'd just opt for leggings and a comfy shirt. 

During the nights, I'd take my acoustic guitar and my song book and head to the small cafe or pub in town. The warm lights from the inside shining out on the streets. And I'd go in and play a set to a group of familiar and unfamiliar faces, maybe make a bit of money off the tips, maybe not. I wouldn't care. I'd just be happy to be playing my music and having a good time. 

I'd have a group of friends there too. A group of friends that people would look at and wonder how we all managed to get along. We'd all be so different and we'd have our little squabbles and fights but we would all really love each other.

Maybe there'd be a guy, maybe there wouldn't. Either way, I'd be happy because it would be because I wanted it that way.

There are so many options! So many possibilities. Sometimes it's dreadfully overwhelming, other times I love thinking it through, imagining how it might turn out. What's the opposite of nostalgic? That's what I am right now.

Song of the Day

Lately, I've been listening to a bunch of Ed Sheeran. Well, more than usual I should say. Did anyone see his iTunes Festival performance?! Insane, just, there are no words. I mean, his Bloodstream performance?! Mind boggling. Anyways, I've been enjoying listening to this song as I drift off into la la land. It's so soothing and pretty and I love the voice his voice matches this song. It's probably my favourite version of "The Parting Glass".