Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12POC #2: Decorating Jeffica

Hello Lovelies!

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is picking out our Christmas tree. My family is religiously dedicated to this age long tradition. Every December, a few weeks before Christmas, we get in our van and drive to Ikea, where we all race around the tree lot, dragging around different trees to show my Dad.

Once we decide upon a tree, then we all must decide upon a name. Yes, a name. We name our Christmas trees. Don't ask me why, but about five years ago, we decided that it would be really neat if our Christmas trees had names. We've had Steve, Bob, Bella, Patrick and this year's model is Jeffica. We thought we needed another girl because we only had Bella in the past but we didn't want a stereotypical girl name, so of course, Jeffica was the most likely option.... welcome to my family.

Then came the amazing part of the Christmas tree tradition: welcoming Jeffica into the family with decorations, chocolates, Christmas music and lots of laughing.

We keep all the stumps of our
Christmas trees and use them as candle

Jonathan: Our tree is so fat this year!
Mom: Don't say that! *hugs tree* We love you just the way you are!

Love this guy so much. Excuse my paleness and the huge bags
under my eyes. ^^

Putting the lights on the tree.

"Did you take the picture yet, Sarah?"

Putting his favourite ornament, the drum,
on the tree.

My Dad is in charge of putting the metal hooks on the
ornaments every Christmas. He has dubbed himself
"The Hooker". And he giggles at it every year.

My favourite ornament; a sock monkey I got when I was thirteen.

My wonderful mother and Grandy (Grandma).

Lots of laughter.
Hanging the golden icicles. 

The final touch...

And the reveal!

Have a pretty picture of a merry-go-round ornament.

Welcome to the family Jeffica! We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

How do you guys decorate your Christmas trees? Our's is like a big scrapbook, filled with ornaments from all types of places. Handmade ones, store bought ones, ones that have been in the family for ages, toys, etc. Do you guys do real or artificial trees?

Quote of the Day 

A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin


  1. Nice post!
    I tag you for The Countdown to 2015 Tag! Check it out here- Thank you. X
    - June

    1. I am so sorry I didn't get to this! I would have loved to do it, but the christmas season got away from me, blogging wise. Thanks anyways!

  2. Jeffica is an absolutely awesome tree! You are one of my favourite bloggers! Here is evidence: --> My Life In Tab

    1. *My Life In A Tab. Sorry! I'm a mess right now (inside out)

    2. Awww, thank you! That means a lot to me. <3

  3. Looks like an awesome christmas season for you. Merry Christmas!


    1. It was an amazing, busy Christmas this year! :) Merry belated Christmas to you too!