Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Fashioness

Heyo people!

So spring is starting to make it's way to Canada and I am very, very happy. No more crazy cold weather! :) The birds are starting to come back and now I wake up to them singing. It helps make my mornings a little better since I'm not a morning person, haha.

There are many things I like about spring, the warmer weather, the colour in the world after months of grey, the birds, the sun, the rain, all of it! And spring is also the time when I have a great urge to buy clothing. I dunno, everything just seems so bright and pretty in the spring compared to all of the dark, heavy coats in the winter. So I've gathered a few spring/summer outfits that I've found.

None of these pictures are mine, I found them all on tumblr.

I really love this dress. It's really cute and summery. I love the denim and lace.
Plus, it's country style and I like country style.

I'd probably switch out the bag here for one of the bags with the long
strap. I don't know what you call them... satchels? I think Flynn Rider
from Tangled hid the crown in one. But I love the converse and Mickey
Mouse is awesome. 

Definitely nice as the warmer weather is coming in. Love the vest and the

Denim shirt? Check. Awesome sunglasses? Check. White tank top? Check.
Odd salmon coloured shorts? Ehhh, probably pass. Might swap it out
for a skirt of the same colour though.

THIS is the type of bag I was talking about for anyone who doesn't
know what I mean by "Flynn Rider satchel". Love the vintage
sunglasses, the denim (of course) and the floral dress. Very springy.

I could definitely see myself living in this outfit. Love the
camouflage, the shoes, the shirt. Might skip the tassel, stringy
 things on the shorts though...

Kinda the same as the last. Awesome sunglasses. Shorts and shoes are great.
Again, probably would swap out the clutch for a Flynn Rider satchel in black.
The less I have to carry the better. 

I think this dress is just adorable. I love the mini hearts and the clutch
adds a really nice splash of colour. I think I'd keep the clutch
in this outfit, although I'm pretty sure I'd probably put it down somewhere
and lose it. :P

Brown, black and floral, my kind of colours. I love the belt and the glasses.
I would definitely wear this, although I might try and find a top not so....

This is reallllly pretty <3. I love the flower crown
and the beads on the shorts. And the bag looks
really cute too. One crappy thing about being petite
though, is that all of the bags slip off your
shoulders. :P So you're constantly having
to readjust your bag. Another reason to wear
a Flynn Rider satchel! :D

Another outfit I could see myself living in. Casual, comfy, cute, converse.
Everything good in life. ;) Ooh! And there's a little necklace I just noticed.

For those of you looking forward to the warmer weather, or for those of you who are fortunate to always live in warm weather, what summery/springy things do you like to keep in your closet? I think my top three would be a good pair of denim shorts, some oversized shirt and converse. Ooh! And a Flynn Rider satchel. Wait, that's four.

Oh well.


  1. Where I live it's been raining and snowing on and off. I don't know if summer will ever come :(
    And I love those dresses!! :D

    1. Admittedly, it's still pretty cold here too. It's wavering between being 10-15 degrees one week to being -5 the next. :P After this very wintery winter I'm hoping that spring will actually come to stay soon.
      But I sat outside on my deck yesterday without a jacket and it was lovely, so I'm remaining optimistic. :)