Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Favourites of March

Hello Lovelies!

My apologizes for not posting this past Monday. It was one of those really long days that was super tiring and super busy. I was up early to go down to Toronto for a doctor's appointment, I had a big project due and then I had music lessons. I got to the end of the day, fell into bed and thought, "Crap, I didn't post today." But I was too exhausted to get up and write a post.

So today I'm going to post what I meant to post Monday, my March favourites! :)

Superman Earrings

My younger brother bought me these earrings for my 16th birthday last year and I've been loving them this month. I wear them almost every day. I just think they're so cute. It's really, really, really hard to find any sort of super hero earrings so I was very happy to get these. And I think they look really good with my newly dyed dark hair.

Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen

So remember last month I said I wasn't going to do anything beauty related? Well, I think maybe I should take that back because I have two beauty/makeup/hair items this month. Haha, so maybe I actual use that stuff more than I thought I did. xD This pen is a magic wand, I swear. It's a little like concealer but not really, because you use it to lighten the dark areas of your face, ie the huge bags under my eyes. This has been incredible this past month as I've been so tired. I just put some of this on in the morning and it looks like I've been asleep for hours and am completely rested and awake.

Argan Hair Oil

So... second beauty thing here. :*). As you know, I recently dyed my hair. The thing about dying your hair is it pretty much turns your hair into straw. It took me about twenty minutes just to be able to get a hairbrush through it. Then a friend recommended this oil to me. It worked like a charm. It was really easy to use and now my hair resembles hair, not straw.

Stripe-y Fuzzy Toe Socks

These socks are amazing. They are really, really, really comfortable, perfect for lazy/exhausted days. As previously mentioned, I have been dead tired this past month so fuzzy socks are a must have for me. They work well with leggings and because I tend to only wear darker colours or earthy tone colours, they add colour to an outfit. The only kind of crappy thing about them is that they make my feet too big and then they won't fit in my boots. :(

 Cinnamon Heart Scented Candle

I love scented candles. :) The one is really nice because it actually smells quite cinnamon-y and not sickeningly sweet. I don't like candles that smell really sweet. I like outdoorsy, pine type smelling ones. So this one is a bit different, but it leaves my room with a really nice smell so I like it. My mum won it in a Valentine's Day basket but she didn't want it so I took it. >:)

Bengal Spice Tea

I'm not British but I am a huge tea lover. This month I've really been enjoying Bengal Spice. It's a herbal tea which is nice when I don't want the caffeine which means I can drink it right before bed and sleep really well. I don't really know how to describe it. It's kind of creamy, even without milk and it's not spicy, but it tastes like it has spices in it. Wow, I'm doing a terrible job describing this. xD Don't listen to me, just go try some. 

5 Seconds of Summer

I did a post on these guys recently here. This month I've been enjoying listening to them. They have an upbeat pop-y sound that's a little rocky. Their new EP came out yesterday in Canada so I was very excited. :) I get to see them in August!! 

That's it for this month! What were your guys' favourites this past month?

Song of the Day

I technically can't put this song in my March favourites because I just discovered it yesterday. It's called Human and it's off of Christina Perri's new album Head or Heart. I like the way she talks about the fact she's only human and she'll do her best but she's not invulnerable. She still gets hurt because she's only human. I find it a very relatable song. :)


  1. Those earrings are so cute! I love that song, it has been all over the radio here :)

    1. Aren't they? I must find a place to buy more of these super hero earrings.
      It's a really great song. :) I've recently just really gotten into Christina Perri.

  2. Those fuzzy toe socks look so cute!! Have you seen these before?!CFdQMzgCWk~$(KGrHqZ,!m!E1FywGKDoBNVHo3NRgQ~~0_35.JPG

    1. Oh my goodness, must have! Those are adorable!! :O
      Do you know if you can get them in Canada?

    2. I don`t know but if you can`t find them in store then I`m sure you can order them online :)