Sunday, October 19, 2014

Derpcon Day 1 Entry

Hello Lovelies!! 

This is just going to be a short, itsy bitsy, leetle post today. The contest for Derpcon in Canada was posted and I'm really, really excited and really, really nervous. Between now and the 27th, we have to upload an original superhero costume to Instagram. We can post one original picture a day. 
And I thought I would show you my costume for today cause I'm actually pretty proud of it. :) 

Realizing that this is the first time you guys actually get to see my face, I should probably just clarify that my hair is not usually this colour. 

So this is me as Kaleidoscope! Go me! 

Tomorrow is going to be a metallic alien called 'Platinum'.... 

Song of the Day - Everday Superhero by Smash Mouth

It's only appropriate...


  1. OMG! That is so cool and hilarious.

  2. FAB COSTUME! Derp con here you come! :3 x

    1. Thanks!! :)
      Haha, hopefully! :P It's a random draw so my chances don't improve with the quality of my costume.

    You're adorable!

  4. This is adorable and pure creativity! And may I also comment that you look very pretty too. =) My friend and I also planned to try out for the Derpcon Contest for our country, but it ended up as an abandoned plan because we saw the other entries and BAM they were beautiful. Anyway, it's nice to see you be more courageous than we were! And I missed reading from you so here I am stalking and reading past posts (totally not creepy). =)

    1. Aw, thank you! :) Yeah, I was debating whether I should or not, but I figured I would at least try. And even though I didn't win, I actually had a lot of fun making the costumes! :)
      Haha, read away! xD I haven't had much new content over the past while. :P Life is insanely busy, unfortunately.