Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Derpcon and the Proper Reveal of Me

Hello Lovelies,

So, I didn't win Derpcon. :( To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting to, so I wasn't that disappointed. But, I think some of my other costumes were actually pretty creative so I figured I'd at least share some of them with you! :)
Today I'm Platinum. With the ability to win anyone
 a Platinum record, I'm exploring strange new
 keeks, seeking out new fans and hopefully
going where no 5SOS fan has gone before.
 Sick of boring tea party after boring tea party? Fear not, the
Rad Hatter is on her way! Bringing fun to good
girls everywhere, she'll turn any event into a party!
I'm Co-Z. So chill, I make Canada look hot. 

And here's pictures of me NOT as a superhero so you know that I don't usually look like this.

Staring into the DEPTHS OF YOUR SOUL.

Happy hat.

Shameless selfies? 

Well, so that was a lot of pictures of me. I apologize to your eyeballs. 

Song of the Day - Just the Way I'm Not by All Time Low

When I was about thirteen, my friend introduced me to All Time Low and I thought, "Oh my goodness! These guys are amazing!" And in true Sarah fashion, I then proceeded to completely forget about them. And then last week or so, I found them again and have been listening to about eight of their songs on repeat. This one is currently my favourite out of the eight. Enjoy!

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