Friday, December 11, 2015

Mugs are my friends.

Hello Lovelies!

I have a confession to make. It's been a long time coming. I feel like you guys know me well enough. You deserve the truth.

I have an unhealthy love of mugs.

I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love mugs. Collecting them, drinking out of them, even taking pictures of them. I'm obsessed guys. And today, I thought I display some of the evidence of this obsession by showing you some of my favourite mugs.

I bought this one very recently from a store called Pier One Imports. I think it's really cute and it's very autumnesque (yes I know this isn't a real word). I haven't actually had anything to drink out of it yet; I'm waiting until I'm over this cold.

My friend Kara brought this one back from Paris
with her (only slightly jealous). I love the detail
on the mug and the little spoon beside it is just
adorable. It's not too large, so it's perfect for a
mug of something when you don't have time to
curl up with a good book or when you don't
want a big cup of something.

This one is also from Kara. It's a little early for this one, but in a few weeks, when the snow's falling and there's a fire in the fireplace and my Mum's got Amy Grant playing on the stereo, I'm sure this will be filled with hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows.

Ooh, I love this one. It's got a quote by C.S. Lewis on
it that says, "You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a
book long enough to suit me." It was given to me by my
friend Sarah when I had my concussion. It's really big
and perfect for curling up on the sofa with a book.

This one was a gift from my Grandparents when I was pretty young. Maybe six? I don't use it too often anymore, but I think it's really cute. Definitely one of those things that you keep to look back on later. My siblings and I all have one and every once in a while, we'll pull them out and all have a coffee or hot chocolate together.

 Another mug given to me by the amazing friend Kara. You think she knows me? It's got two faces, one on each side. We have this thing with Spongebob and Spongebob's faces and I grin like an idiot every time I pick it up.

I found these mugs in a cute little store where we were cottaging this past summer. They were on the bottom shelf and obviously had been ignored due to a little chip on the edge. I bought them both for a dollar. 

This one was given to me by my other wonderful friend Hayley. When you pour hot water in it, the TARDIS disappears from the street and reappears in space.

So what have learned from this post today? We have learned that Sarah is obsessed with mugs and she has friends who know her very, very well.



    That's quite a collection! I may or may not be slightly jealous of some of your mugs

  2. I am JEALOUS I WANT ALL OF THESE AHH!!!!! I think the coolest mug I have is a mason jar with a handle oooo...

    you have an obsession and I am so proud!

  3. Nice collection :)

    I designed some DIY mugs, but the Sharpie washes off if you use them so theyre mostly for decoration. Have you seen these or made any?

    Kate @