Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh Canada

Hello Lovelies!!

So Canada D'eh (I crack myself up) was a few days ago. We had a roast and games night with some of our friends and it was lovely. The weather wasn't hot but it was super sunny and that made it the perfect weather for a BBQ. And me being me, I lugged my camera around with me for most of the night. So have some super Canadian pictures.

We started things off with some appetizing appetizers, none of which were particularly "Canadian". Olives, pesto, crisps, roasted peppers and guacamole (made by yours truly).

Some people decided to start up a croquet game in the backyard.

My friend's Dad, Carl, studying
the field.

Jason: "Should I just hit his ball into the bushes?"
Carl: "But that's not fair! He shouldn't get to send me away.
I spent so long getting here."
The croqueters. 
Jason being, well, Jason.
After croquet, we gathered to eat and chat.

There were many laughs.

Om nom nom.

Tis a thing of beauty, I tell you.

The group shot.

The lighting was so pretty here, so I just had to take a


Oh Canada... the true north, strong and free.

Rebecca on the right, Klara on the left.
As the evening moved along, people moved inside for games. Half of us played Apples to Apples and half decided to play Settlers.

Then came the best part of the evening: fireworks.

All in all, it was a beautiful day to celebrate my beautiful country.

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