Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summery Excursions

Hello Lovelies!

This past weekend was Canada Day weekend and it was certainly a very long, wonderful weekend. First we went to my cousin's house which is like an hour away. We had beautifully, hot weather all weekend. Oh! And I watched this incredible movie called Saving Mr. Banks. It is a very moving, inspiring movie and I suggest you watch it if you like Mary Poppins.

My beautiful sister, Rebecca.

My beautiful cousin, Danielle.

Their pretty doggie, Jersey, who posed nicely for a

Honestly, she is so photogenic! I'm jealous of her ability.

Jersey again and my sister's feet.

Again with the whole photogenic thing. Did I just
miss out on this gene?!

Then in the evening, we went to the drive-in.
      We went to the drive-in theatre. Now usually, we drive into the lot and pick a spot near the middle. We drive a mini-van and usually the theatre turns a blind eye to us as long as we're not in first few rows. But do they do that this time? Nooooo, we have to go allll the way to the second last row. I swear, the screen looked like the size of my iphone. Despite my wish to have a telescope, it was a lot of fun. It's a cousins' tradition to go to Bulk Barn and then the drive in when we get together in the summer. We all pick out a small bag of bulk candy and then divide it up between the seven of us. Then we all have a bag of assorted candies while we watch the movies. This time, we went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Malificent. The first one was incredible. I laughed, I cried, it moved me. To anyone who hasn't seen it, I definitely recommend it. However, the second movie was possibly the most slow paced, stupid, boring movie I have seen in a long time. To quote Danielle, "Oh just give me the spindle! I'll do it myself." I apologize to anyone who enjoyed it, but I just thought it was so slow!
      After the cousins, we went up to my Grandparent's farm for a few days. There were so many fireflies, you could probably see three or four flash a second. I wish I could have taken everyone with me to see how amazing it was!

I love Queen Anne Lace because it reminds me of
Anne of Green Gables.

It's the time of year when all of the tadpoles are growing
into frogs and some of them haven't quite lost their

It seems like the tiniest flowers are always the prettiest.

I love this plaque. 

I think this is really cute. ^^ Over fourteen years ago.

My brother, always the poser.

The water was beautiful. Just cool enough to cool you
down on a really hot day but not freezing.

I love the lighting in this picture! 

By the pond. 

I really like this picture. You have the greens and browns
and then the bright red right in the middle. It
reminds of country music.

Another summery picture. 

Canada Day fireworks!

This just seems like a really summery night picture.
On Tuesday afternoon, my Mum and I went through her old records. It was actually really cool to see all of the music she listened to when she was my age.

Another one bites the dust, and another one gone
 and another one gone

I may have had a slightly squeal-y fangirl moment
when I saw this.

And this.... I mean, The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack?!?
On record?! That's just an awesome thing.
I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well! How is everyone's summer going so far?

Photo of the Day

I found this on Pinterest and for some reason, I really liked the mental image. And it was summery. So I decided to share it with you all! 

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