Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Long Weekend Pictures!

Hello Lovelies!

This past weekend was a long weekend for me, woop woop! Does anyone else celebrate Victoria Day besides Canada? I feel like England might, but then again I might be totally wrong here.

In Canada, we usually celebrate Victoria Day with fireworks and barbecues and that sort of stuff, but this year, we skipped out on the festive traditions and headed up to my grandparent's farm instead.

It's not really a farm, it's more like 250 acres of conservation space. They have forests and meadows and ponds; it's absolutely beautiful and I spent all of Sunday walking around and taking pictures. It's such a joy having a camera that can do the place justice! I've done a lot of photography up there before but it was with one of those "early cameras for young children" where the screen is maybe three quarters of an inch across and there is no zoom.

Here are some of the pictures I took whilst on my mini Holiday! All photos are SOOC.

Sunset the first night over the field.

I like the whole silhouetted look, especially at sunset.

Grandy and Grandpa's photo wall. I love
looking at all the old pictures of my
family. It makes me happy. That's my
Mum in the graduation picture.
Isn't she purtyyyy?? :)

Whilst going through my 500+ pictures to decide which ones
to put on my blog, this was the only one that everyone went,
"Don't delete that one!". This guy just sat there and let me
take tons of pictures of him. I was literally about three inches
away and he just sat there like, "Yes, I know I'm beautiful.
You may take my picture."

I don't know what kind of tree this is but there were a bunch
like this one with the peeling bark.

Ontario represent! This is our national flower, the trillium!
There you go, there's your fact for the day.

I just love this path. The pines are lined up perfectly, and in
the summer, when the branches have needles on them, it's
amazing. I can picture Arwen walking down the trail.

I just love the vibrant colours in this colour. Green is so lovely.

This is probably my favourite picture out of the entire set.
It must have taken me about five minutes to get this one
to look right.

So apparently, these are NOT Dandelions! They're
something to do with feet or cotton or something.
My Dad told me what they were and now I've gone
and forgotten.

This is the third pond.

This is really cool. I've always thought of them as woodlands
creatures' roofs. Like when it would rain, they would go and
hide under these. All the little pixies and gnomes and fairies.
I guess I have Brownies to thank for that thought. :)
Anyone else a former Girl Guide?

The barn that is now storage and an apartment
complex to all the raccoons on the farm.

My Mum and I have dubbed this tree "The Party Tree"
because it reminded us of the tree in the Hobbit.

These little bits of water may look pretty, but they were nasty
suckers when you had your sneakers on and accidentally
stepped in them. The thing is, you couldn't actually
see them unless the light was shining right on them so
you'd just be walking and then BOOM! You take a bath.

I've always liked the way rusty barbed wire looks.

Golden hour is definitely my favourite time to take pictures.
Again with the whole rust thing. I dunno why, but rust is
just so pretty!

I'm really happy with the lighting on this one. And I love,
love, love, love the spring, when everything is starting
to grow. Reminds me of new beginnings.

Another thing I love looking at is rotting wood or ruins of
something. These fences are no longer really functional,
but I think they look really nice.

My ten year old brother wanted me to
let you all know that he got a bull's
eye after practicing all weekend.

This is the first pond and right behind the tree on the left is
the house.

These vines are so pretty. Does anyone else like the way
the little curly cues on vines look or is it just me?

The true farm look.

Sunset on the last night.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I know I certainly enjoyed creating it! :)

On a totally different note, Lyn, are you still out there? I miss my Canadian blogger buddy!

Quote of the Day

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

- T. S. Eliot


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I really like the one with the path, but I like all the others as well, so...
    I've never celebrated Victoria Day I don't think, but my dad just told me that it's in commemoration of Queen Victoria (which I never knew) so some people down here might?
    And, yep, I'm a former Girl Guide. Actually, I kind-of still am! It stays with you forever, haha! :D

    1. Ahh okay, so maybe it's more of a Canadian thing than an English thing.
      Awesome! :) Were you all of them? I went up to my last year of Guides. So I did Sparks, Brownies and... two years of Guides I think?
      Did you have to stand outside a grocery store in the rain or snow and sell cookies? xD
      I still remember the promise for Sparks and Brownies, although the Guide promise has slipped my mind.

  2. I was! We had Rainbows instead of Sparks though. :) I started when I was 5 and help out with my local Guides now and again.
    No, we never had to sell cookies. I didn't think you guys actually did that. I thought it was just something they made up on films, haha! :D