Friday, February 21, 2014


     Heyo! I’m Sarah. I live in Canada where we ride our polar bears to school and live in igloos. Actually though, we have about two and a half feet of snow outside in the backyard so I’m pretty sure we could build an igloo. Music is really important to me and I like almost all types. Country, rock, classical, rap, pop, jazz, pretty much anything. The only thing I don’t really like is screamo, because in my mind, that’s not really music. I love taking pictures and have doing so been for… four years now? And I recently just got a nice, new camera so my pictures look clearer and nicer. Yay! I would in no way call myself a photographer.  I’m just a person who likes taking pictures. I’m much more of a movie person that a tv show person. I will almost always choose to watch a movie before I watch a tv show. The only exceptions to this rule are Doctor Who (tenth doctor is the best!!) and Lost (Sawyer, gahh). I love, love, love writing. Anything to do with writing. I love being able to write my thoughts down, no matter how random they may be. I love reading someone else’s writing and seeing how they’ve managed to string words together. I love finding new words. Like these for example. A blatherskite means a person who talks nonsense. To machinate means to contrive or plot especially artfully or with evil purpose. To be gaumless means you’re lacking in intelligence. But I promise that I won’t use really odd words that no one knows, well, unless I explain them first.
     This point ties into why I’m writing this blog. I really enjoy writing and photography and music and so many other things and I want to be able to share them with you. I want to hear what your thoughts are and chat back and forth to find what your perspective is. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse (there’s another word I absolutely love) of my life and hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a glimpse of yours. So stick with me as I ramble about randomness and share my thoughts. As the next Doctor Who season comes out and I fan girl over the awesomeness of it. As I photograph the things around me. As I share the song I heard in the store and then spent 20 minutes searching google with the one lyric I could remember to try to figure out what the song was. Welcome to A Glimpse of Blue (cue happy upbeat music)!

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